about me, rhyme

hair, oh hair

Hair, oh hair

Why are you there?

Why did you grow right on my chin

I dislike you a lot, so I begin

to pluck you, to wax you

to fight so against you

In spite of my war, you always win

cause you grow right back there on my chin

I think I look so all dolled up

next thing I know, another erupted

right there where I don’t want you

but not one grew back, now I see two

Gross, disgusting, mad at you hair

I don’t know why you are right there

It’s not okay, it isn’t at all fair

as I talk and people and they just stare

at that hair

That shouldn’t be there.

Shy and embarrassed cause I wasn’t aware

and I hope and I pray that they didn’t see

so I pluck it and I pretend that it wasn’t me.

Don’t you laugh, cause I know it happened to you

So what do we do girls, what do we do.

Hair, oh hair

Why are you there….


Level with me here.

I hate that hair that grows on my chin.  It grosses me out and I started fighting that guy way back in college.  But that idiot hair rallied up the troops and brought his army and now I fight so many hairs I feel like it’s a losing battle.

I have tried the Laser treatments.  I have tried waxing.  ouch.  all ouch.

I have tried shaving! embarrassing.

Here is what The Cut says about how to get rid of Chin Hair.

I just live in distain and embarrassment sometimes.  Like after I had that life-altering conversation with a stranger, only to look in the mirror see those stupid chin hairs blowing in the wind like reed grass at the beach.

Why. Why I ask you, why?  I am such a cute girl.  I am not a raging-hormonal teenaged boy.  Man, I hate those stupid chin hairs.

So, please comment and share this so that we can all level with one another and not feel so ashamed of those stupid chin hairs that we all have to hate. But hang on sisters.  Let’s not folly, let’s remember to pick up our Bibles about everything.

Matthew 10:30 states that “But even the hairs on our head are all numbered.”  I love Biblegateway.  It makes it so easy to find verses in the Bible when I need inspiration.  God even cares about those chin hairs.  He loves every ounce of us and everything we dislike about ourselves.

Psalm 139:14 also reminds us of this –  “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”  We are created in God’s likeness, down to the very last chin hair and self-professed flaw.  We are His children and that is such an amazing thing.  God is so good.


My son was born with a big ol’ raspberry birth mark on his forehead.  A lot of people have questions about it and make comments.  He is perfect in my eyes.  I don’t see anything on his face that is out of place or strange, so it takes me off guard when I hear the comments.

That is how God sees us.  So, when we complain about this and that, he hears the comments and I’m sure he just shrugs about the superficial.  Please, as Christians and sisters, let’s remind each other that we are all so beautiful.  As David so perfectly describes that we are, “wonderfully made.”

God bless you as you go through your day, and think of me as you pluck that silly ol’ chin hair. Big Hugs!


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