💲 How to Posh like a Pro! 💲

I have some tricks

some things I know

that I’ll share with you

so you can be pro

and make some money

I’m tellin’ ya honey

there’s nothing much better

than stickin’ together


I discovered a fun way

to make money and play

with fashion at home

you don’t have to groan

Make money with Posh

and by golly, by gosh

you might as well try

Then you can go buy

more fun stuff to wear

By doing these tricks I’m going to share!

💕🌹I started my Poshmark page back in March of this year. 💕🌹

I didn’t really know what I doing or how to manage my site or my sales. I went in cold 🦃.  If only I knew what I know now.

Poshmark is a super fun way to make some fun spending money.  You can sell the clothes and accessories in your closet that either don’t fit anymore, you bought and can’t return, your tired of, or Simply My Swank just want to sell.  I have made a lot more money selling on this site than I ever would have at a garage sale.  Plus, I’ve been able to connect with the sweetest fellow-Poshers.

After a few months of learning and making some fun money, I invited my mom to open a Poshmark account and she did!  I was able to share some of my tricks and suggestions with her.  Then I decided that I should share it with you guys too!!!💕

A link to my Poshmark page is on the menu of this website. But I’ll put one here too so you can look and make reference.

here are my list of tips:

  1. Set up your site with only one item to sell.  Go through your closet and find the most expensive thing you can post and upload that first.
  • the reason for this is that BUYERS get incentive to buy something from a NEW POSHER – which you are.  So, the more expensive the first item you post is, the more money you will make right off the bat!  If you only post that one expensive thing, they will have nothing else to choose from.
  • Poshmark wants you to become addicted to selling your stuff, so they in turn, make more money too.  SO… the first sale is very important to get you hooked.  Make it COUNT!

2. Add Poshers to your list constantly.  You want as many eyes on your prizes as possible. SO add away ladies. Follow, Follow, Follow.  The more people you follow, the more you will have follow you back!  yay!  win, win.

3.  Make sure you share your item OFTEN.  Most Poshers are active after they get home from work.  Share, share, share!

4.  After your first money maker sells, post all the sellable Swank you have!  When I posted my pictures it was really time consuming at first – MISTAKE.  but LEARNED.

  • here are my DON’T DO tips for posting pictures of your items.
    • don’t put your stuff on your carpet floor.  Why? it looks gross, it makes people think you are dirty and your stuff is dirty.  If you look on my site, I made that mistake, I took pictures of stuff on my carpeted floor.  Those things are still for sale. No one wants to buy them.  You should use a white sheet or a nice white rug.
    • put your items on a nice light-colored back drop.  I prefer white.
    • you can use pretty props like flowers, nice bowls, succulents, etc
    • don’t post things that are wrinkly, take time to iron/steam them out. (wrinkles don’t sell, note the Michael Kors Bermuda shorts that are still for sale on my Posh Page.)
    • don’t post things on cheap hangers, or hung crooked – get a nice hanger
    • don’t post dirty shoes or bags, try and clean them as best you can!
  • here are my DO DO (hehe) tips for posting pictures
    • do take pictures of a model – you- wearing the items
    • do include pics of celebrities wearing the items you have for sale!
    • do post measurements of the items you are selling

5.  When you send your packages in the mail reuse some of the boxes you have in your house.  Let’s all reuse and save the planet, wooop! I save and reuse all my amazonsmile boxes. Please make sure you package your Swank really tastefully so your buyer gets super excited about their Posh purchase.

  • I have some tissue paper that I had stored away and I wrap all my sales in that.  I also include a thank you letter for the people that bought my treasures.  I pick up my thank you letters at TJ MAXX (my favorite store) for $3 or $4. My daughter helps me with all of my sales.  She is 4 and she likes to draw pictures for my clients.  It’s a really fun activity for us to share.
  • I also send them a link to our church so if they don’t already have a church, they can share ours!  All of our sermons are posted online so it’s easy to stay close to God if you are traveling or miss a service. NORTH COAST CHURCH is the BEST!

6.  I change the price of my items all the time.  I do this because I like to generate interest in my items.  For instance, I get excited when I shop at my favorite store and I find something that I like on sale.  So, I treat my Poshmark Page like my favorite store.  I put things on sale and mark them back up to create interest and excitement.  You can do it too!

my Poshmark page

7.  I also put advertisements on my profile picture and background shot.  If I want an expensive item to SELL, I want to advertise celebrities wearing a version it.  SO, I am trying so hard to sell a vintage 2007 Gucci fanny pack on my Poshmark page.  Therefore, my profile pic is set with some super cute celebrities sporting the cutest FP Swank styles ever.  Advertising works y’all.  So let’s advertise our attire whenever we can.  No one wants to buy a face lit up like a cartoon fox.  That gives me no ad power, does it?  Actually, it just makes me want to buy a cute fox mask, maybe?  foxes are cute…if you clicked on that Link…you have to admit those are cute right?!?!?!?!

8.  Make sure you are always sharing the most expensive things in your closet.  Every time you share something it places that particular item on the top of your closet board.  So don’t let the cheap stuff be the first thing the Posher Market sees.  Keep loading the big stuff up front.

9.  Be positive and have a sweet attitude.  No one wants to buy from Mrs. or Mr. cranky pants.  My Goodness.  Just be nice people.

10.  Be honest.  What goes around comes around.  Please describe your belongings with sincere descriptions or you will get really bad reviews from your Posh Marketplace.  You really don’t want bad reviews.  Take great pictures of your stuff, make sure you are honest about the flaws and then people know exactly what they are going to receive in their cute little Swank package.

For all you busy moms out there, Poshmark is a fun way to sell the unused Swank from your home.  You can ship your small things right out of your own mailbox because the shipping labels can be printed at home.  I have a Brother printer that I use.  I have had that thing for 5 years and it works AWESOME.  The ink is really inexpensive too!

If you have any questions or comments about how to use Poshmark, or any tips or tricks that you want to share too, please leave a comment below!

I will always keep you updated on new ideas too!  God bless you all!



    • I hadn’t heard of it either, but my neighbor told me about it in March. It’s tough to sell clothes in a garage sale, especially when you have nice clothes. Poshmark is an awesome tool to sell your stuff for a bit more than a dollar a piece. I have made some good money and connected with some really cool people. You should try it Lana!

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