In Color



This song always makes me think of him.

So here it is…Our story.


You walked into the room.

I was there with my son.  Your grandson.


I’ll never forget the look on your face

I remember the time, I remember the place.

And looked at me and said… 

My heart was heavy, full of dread

You put your gentle loving hand

On my shoulder, so I would understand.

Your voice…I hear inside my head

And this is what you quietly said,

“The time I have is borrowed, dear,

And I’m not going to be right here

I’m so sorry, I’m going away

I want you to know I love you, okay?”


I brushed it off, I just couldn’t hear

Words so sad from one I loved so dear

Please I beg. Please don’t say

Those words I knew 

were oh so true.

I said, “You’re silly. I love you so

You’ll be here forever. You can’t just go

I need you here. Don’t say that

I don’t want to hear it, take it back.” 


When I left your house that day

I hugged you tight

My heart could burst with all it’s might

Cause I knew I would never feel you again

And that was a pain I could never mend

That hug said more in seconds past

Than a billion words, that couldn’t last.


My arms said “I love you more.”

And life won’t be right without you, sure

I will be strong just like you are

And I promise to look for you in the stars.


Thank you so much for loving me

The way you did, so perfectly

My greatest fear was met the day

I heard you left and went away


I already knew cause on that night

You came to me and said, “it’s alright”

My whole body burned with your hug goodbye

And I woke from my sleep and started to cry.


And now I know what sadness means

Cause I can’t tell you about the things

That happen to me here on earth

I miss you so and I still hurt

I wish I could feel you and hug you once more

I wish I could see you waving at the front door

I miss the comfort, the special things

That being your granddaughter used to bring

I cry when I miss you still this day

And so when I bow my head and pray

I say thanks for all you did for me

For being the one safe place to be

And showing me what true love is

For being the best in the biz


You make me want to be the best

And when life is put up to the test

I think about how strong you had to be

And my heart fills with the love you had for me


I’ll always miss you here on earth

But that gives heaven greater worth

I’m grateful for all the memories

For all the things that you taught me

For walks through your garden teaching me to sow

Watching the plants and vegetables grow


Showing me that creativity

Lives deep within my genealogy 

You life was lived in endless curiosity 

Always trying new things with such energy


The boats you built with fiberglass

Things of beauty, made to last

Creating your own mold and design

a mastercraftsmen, the best of all timeIMG_9288.jpg

Your voice was strong when you talked about war

and the things you saw, the way it tore

apart the lives that you saw back then

but you would do it all over again

because serving with honor for your country

was protecting our freedom, for you and me!


The stories you told will always be

Your legacy and they live inside of me


I’ll tell you the very best memory

that I have of you and me

is the day we went to that special place

and you looked at me with a smile on your face

we were both baptized on the same day

we shared the same water, and both chose the way

that will lead us to our Heavenly state

I know you are waiting at those pearly gates

I’ll run and I’ll hug you, but this time will be

a hug that lasts for eternity.






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