Funny Monday

Good morning guys.  I love laughing.  It’s God’s perfect medicine.  One of my favorite ways to ignite a belly laugh is to read Yelp reviews to my gorgeous Husband.  We love this family tradition.  I decided that I would share these reads with you.  Some of you guys are going through some stressful times.  Some of those things are out of your control.  But you know one thing you can control?  Your mind!

Laughing allows my brain to release the endorphins in my system that relieves the stress I feel.  Sometimes it builds up and becomes overwhelming.  But just as that pendulum swing reaches the max capacity, God allows me escape and a swing back to peace.  God is so good all the time.

Laughter is the best medicine

when things in life are menacing

I look for things that make me feel

a silly way that starts to peal

away all the stress and negativity

and I become a brand new me.

I start to see the glass-half-full

Thank you Lord for things that pull

me out of that bad mood I was in

Yes, laughter is the best medicine!!


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