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Let’s talk about SEX!

Betsy Lou Johnson, dear me, you said hi!

I am so glad you waved, and tried to pass by

I need to stop you, I have lived to tell

that Simply My Swank is goin to hell!


Tell you, I will, with a breathy low voice…

No matter what, you haven’t a choice!


I can’t believe what I read on that internet blog

She says with a stagger and hand on her hip

her teeth are all brown from “my husband’s” mint dip

She claims she’s Christian and talks about God.

but man as I live, and I can’t wait to say

her tongue needs a lashin’, it does, I do pray

A girl, speaking of sex and now, crap, I am too

see what that Swanky girl is making me do?

That heathen, that girl, she just makes me sick

Can you believe that’s the topic she’d pick?


Why does she think, she’s allowed to say

things that girls shouldn’t talk about today?

She’s so full of herself, sayin’ those things

Don’t she know all the trouble she brings

NOW girls will think that they can just ask

About private things that would normally pass

and slink in the corner and just be forgot!

oh, Betsy Lou Johnson, all the trouble she’s brought!

I can’t believe what this worlds come to be.

Good Christian girls are far less like me!


Sex was something that was kept so hush, hush.

If you say that word, old women do blush!

This is what that old lady read

This is what made her cute purple head

spin about and made her say

the things she said to her that day.


Yup, that is how some people feel

but I’ll tell you what, here’s what’s real.


If you are married and love your man

Then sex is powerful, and it’s something that can

keep you together when things get real hard

and life has dealt a you with a terrible card.


Sex is important and God’s perfect tool

to let your guy know that he is no fool!

He chose the best girl he ever could choose

cause you are the best at making him wooze.

LastShareCollage 28

And sex is a reminder that he is the one

that is the best at getting IT done

cause that feeling he gives, nothing can compare

He is your champion, so don’t just stare

give him a nudge and take him to bed

and have lots of fun, ’till your faces turn red!


No matter what at the end of the day

Sex is awesome, a special, blessed way

to keep you both strong and at you’re best

nothing much compares when put to the test

I think you all know that I am so right

don’t wait till tomorrow, have sex tonight!


God starts off the Bible, pretty much right after he created Adam and Eve and taught about sex between husband and wife.  It’s pretty obvious how important it is.  Genesis 2:24 reads,  That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

Duh, it’s a no-brainer.  God told you to, so do it.  It’s literally a command.

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