The Map

Boots on

Map in hand

looks around

stupid man

throws it down

stands up tall

don’t tell me

know it all.


Walks around

things aren’t clear

makes mistakes

full of fear

I got this

looks around

foggy mist

finally found

other guy

he has boots

that Map was wrong

so he shoots

over to that other guy

talks to him

he’s not shy

He says, Ya man,

My Map is gone

and it’s been gone

for way too long.

I lost my way

long ago

so the path?

Honestly, I don’t know.


But I’ll tell you

what I regret,

took off boots

we just met,

“Was throwing away

that precious Map.”

I thought I knew

I could slap

myself for letting that thing go

it was our only way out,

don’t you know?


Look around

what do you see?

all I see

is misery.

I might look fine

to one so young,

But I’ll tell you

it’s trouble son.

Turn around

listen close

This is truth

What matters most

Walk back to that certain place

Find the Map, solemn face

Read it close

abide It’s word

follow wisely

you have heard.


I’m trying hard

to tell you son

you don’t know

now, go, please run!

you haven’t time to waste

please go

before it’s gone

now you know.


You can’t outsmart the path out here

that Map is all you have, I fear.


Boots off

back bent low

off he went

walking slow

mist surrounds

he disappears

leaves nothing

yet, wisdom seers.


Back bent too,

single tear.


Man looks

sees the Map

runs over

gets it back

straightens up

finds his place

It was there

smile on face.

Looks around

things are clear.


Boots on

Map in hand

looks around

gentle man.

Reads the Map

makes it through

finds his way

lots to do.

Reads His word.

Loves the Lord.

Goes to Heaven.

Reaps reward.


Sees the man

boots back on.

Shakes his hand

worry gone.

“made it here?”

said with a smile.

“yup”, he said

“proud of you child”

“thanks for that”

said real low

He said, “yup”

happy glow.


John 14:6

 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.



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