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Simply My Swank Challenge

To Purchase, click here!
To Purchase: Click Here!





This isn’t easy.

This is strange.

This is something

So deranged!


I don’t accept

I will do

all the things

I used to do

Until I see

Just like a sheep

Innovative change

Power peek

Others are doing it,

I will too

Don’t be a sheep

You be You!


Logic allows

new healthy ways.

Don’t say NO

for all your days.

Open your mind

See what’s there!

Try something new,

Live a dare!


Don’t let time

pass you by.

While habits rule

and you don’t try.

Read this stuff

Think out loud

Say, “she’s right”

I am so proud

and I’m so glad

that I just read

all the things

that lady said!


Who knew that soap

was so bad?!

and robbed my skin

of what God had

put in there

to naturally protect!

I will try

and NOT reject!


Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.22.51 PM

Coconut Oil?

that’s so full?

of saturated fat?

the stuff that kills?

heart disease?

caused by that fat?

and my skin

soaks in all that?


Cracked, Dry, Itchy skin?

that soap will bring

You have the solution

for all those things?


Stinky pits?

you solved that?

Let me say again,

Saturated Fat????


Let me try

This Simply new!

You said that’s

What I should do?


You have proven

this Simple Solution?

and now your ready

for public production?


Yes, I’ll buy

your Body Care!

now that I’m

fully aware!

And I agreed

with all those things

the questions you asked,

the Solutions they bring!


GoodBye to the things

I used to do

I’ll adopt this new habit

just like you do!

I’ll treat my skin

like it’s not sick

and I’ll use stuff

that won’t make me pick

and itch and crack

right out of the shower

your awesome stuff

has that power?

no joke?

for real?

that’s amazing

I feel

renewed, refreshed

special, so blessed!


Thank you Simply My Swank

your Body Care

IS truly Innovative

and now I’ll share

Your awesome Line

with my family

teaching them,

Simply My Swank – like me!


Please read all of the information on Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care.  This innovative product line is life-changing.  Who knew that skin didn’t have to be itchy and try right out of the shower, AND you can feel clean, special and refreshed with NO SOAP!

Soap is WAY TOO HIGH in pH for our skin.  It makes it dry, cracked, itchy and open to infection.  Our Skin has a pH of 4.5 – 6 and Soap is a pH of 9-10.  Do those numbers make sense?

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 8.38.54 AM.png
Click for link to above website!

Simply My Swank is also FREE of Coconut Oil – extremely high in Saturated Fat – per TBSP coconut oil has 5 grams MORE Saturated (bad) fat than BUTTER!!!  Does it make sense to allow saturated fat to soak into your skin all day long?

That’s no joke y’all.  Read more awesome information on my Website!

Try Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care, love the stuff and share it with those you LOVE.  I promise you will love it just like my friends and family, customers and Simply My Swankers do too!



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