unedited, unabashed me

These words they keep repeating

inside my sinful head

what god has brought together

let it fall away instead

things are way too different

now that I do know the way

i must live so faithfully

And trust god everyday

even though sin rules the earth

and each man is so flawed

i need to keep my eyes on Him

my safe and faithful God

trusting depending searching

for true love here on earth

is waisted effort stopping me

from knowing my true worth

nothing ever can fulfill

a wounded heart from fear

so I will patiently wait it out

with every passing year

time is healing what is left

within my Christian soul

i need to always remember

give god complete control

submit to him, in all his ways

hes teaching me to pray

and let him guide and comfort me

with every ebb and sway

i sigh grateful for the bad times

cause they have brought me here

ive stopped looking at the past I had

and drowning in my fear

ive started looking at the anger

and hateful things I felt

and look at love with surprise

cause that was my hand delt

the aweful sin I sought out

equaled out in present day

cause he told me it’d happen

when I bowed my head to pray

i prayed forgive me father

for the horrid things I’ve done

so hateful of myself, you see,

a battle I had won

id taken others down with me

inside my drowning ship

and now he said you’ll pay for that

witb his disciplinary lip

how dare you wreck the others

they didn’t do you harm

yet you decided they would pay

with your sinful grinning charm?!

so now you know quite clearly

what mindful intention pays

and you will live forever

with the taunting deceitful ways

a reminder that your sin

will always seek you out

and balance off the consequence

of embracing sinful doubt

god is great and he is good

and he will guide my way

and I will praise His holy name

until my dying day!!!

I will sing his praises

from now and forevermore

in heaven I will thank him

for balancing my score

i will bow with reverence

and whisper I love you

thank you for loving me faithfully

in spite of what I do

You sought me out and brought me back

In the only way you could

and I am eternally grateful

that I so humbly should

meet you here in heaven

in spite of what i did

im loving you so faithfully

Signed Me, your sinful kid…


One comment

  1. I wrote this and posted it without editing. I felt all the words come so fast and clear. Editing the rush would blur the errors. Sin is all around us, judgement is only for God to issue. Not us. Don’t read the errors, focus on them or judge them. Read the message. God is good all the time. His mercy endures forever. Praise His Holy Name that I am saved. If you are seeking He will find you! Glory to God in the highest and on Earth we can have peace in Him alone!


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