Save our Children from this?

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Please, I beg you, please share this post and help me stop this from happening! I have two children and they are subject to what this horrific topic will do to our little babies.  

It is happening in my hometown.  Please help me save our children.  SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW.  


Angry, confused, blown away

Feelings that I feel today

Scared of what this world will be

If that is what our babies see

If that is what they learn in school

If that becomes the “normal” rule

A baby’s mind, full of stuff

That makes me want to swing a cuff

What can such innocence do with sin?

What good can come from deep within

A tortured mind, a robbed sweet soul

Burdened with adulthood left to tole

To think about things way too heavy

Carry a burden when they’re not ready

This is WRONG I scream out loud

Who are you all? you seem so proud!

To spread a disease that’s so disgusting

My soul itself is now erupting

Into a volcano that will explode

And I will fight you, I will withhold

Against this devil creeping in

taking advantage of a mind dark n grim

creating small soldiers full of lust

Way too young, they will combust

I cry with tears that burn my cheeks

Can I beat this wave of creeps?

You think my kids will hear your sick?

Think again, this candle stick

Won’t burn under a thistle, no!!!!

I’ll create a fire that will burn and glow

a powerful wildfire that forever grows

And rids the world of the atrocity of you

I’ll tell you what we will do

All the parents of this world

Will see this message, come unfurled

Just like I did and fight against

The sick of you, we will defense

We will protect the innocent minds

That God gave us, to love and find

A place of peace to protect and guide

They will be safe, they will abide

In secure and wonderful innocence


I will set a finite precedence

don’t you try to hurt my kids



Parents of the world UNITE.  This disgusting and revolting thing is happening in my small home town, Oceanside, California.  My two children are threatened by what these people are trying to teach our kindergarten children.  I can’t even type the atrocities that they are trying to perverse our children with, not even high school sex education should include the graphic and horrific details they are trying to impart on 5 year olds.  It’s beyond my imagination that I am even typing this post!

Pure innocence is being robbed away and we are NOT going to relent.  We will NOT let this happen to our children.  We will not let the government, social media, psychopaths come into our schools and rob our innocent children of their childhood.  This information is not something their minds can process.  We will stop it!  We will stand our ground and STOP the insanity before they make our little babies insane.

You cannot stand by and let this happen, you have to help me stop it!


    • Thank you Ryan. Please share it too. The things that happen here will only spread if we don’t rise up against it. Parents need to have a voice and we need to say NO! We will always protect our children. No matter what. Thanks for your prayers. Pray is the most powerful tool. I tried to pray about it last night but I had no words. I know God hears my heart though, even when I’m speechless. Being in quiet meditation with God is sometimes all we need. 🙏🏻💪

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