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Simply My Swank TEMPLE GOAL – 10 Minute Booty Workout w 30 Second Intervals – Christian Music

I love these fabulous 10 minute workouts.  I am inspired by successful YOUTUBER Pamela RF.  I LOVE her workouts.  I love the structure and the movements.

The only thing I didn’t like was the music.  I love all sorts of music when I am on my own and the kids can’t here.  I’m not a prude.  I love working out with my children and I don’t like them hearing “dirty talk” lyrics in music.  It fills their lids with TMI.  That’s just me and probably you too.

I love being inspired by greatness.  It got me thinkin’ – If I like most of it, maybe I can just modify the crunchy stuff and create something special that motivates me and my children.  That’s what inspired me to create this workout video – full of Christian music and still a great booty workout!


YES!  10 minutes isn’t so bad y’all.  I see results almost immediately.  Let’s continue and go strong with our Temple Goals – always better, always together and Simply My Swank

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