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DIY Body Cleanser – How to Properly Cleanse your Skin – SOAP IS BAD?!?!

I chose that awesome pump me up song, cause I know I’m gunna get resistance to this post and I had to perfectly psych myself up to write this.  haha. I will survive….

I am super excited about my Temple Challenge.  Aren’t you?  Respecting and honoring the Temple of the Holy Spirit – our bodies by caring, healing and nurturing.  So dialing in daily workouts are super important and exciting.  Caring for the exterior is super interesting as well.  I am going to talk about taking care of the Temple Barrier (our skin) today.

Have you ever wondered why your skin is so itchy, squeaky and uncomfortable after getting out of the shower?

Have you ever thought, hummmmm….that can’t be healthy?!

Have you ever thought that soap might be harmful for your skin?

I thought all those things.  And I changed my habits.  Realized there’s a solution and now, Here’s my story.



is not healthy for your body.


That’s impossible Simply My Swank – you gotta be kidding!!!

I can already hear your habitual retort – Soap has been used forever.  That is what we HAVE to use to clean our skin in the shower or we are going to die.  Plus, we will stank.

Maybe I was a little extreme, but I hear your resistance to doing something new and different and most of all scary.

Right, that is true if your are CONTAMINATED with Bacteria, harmful chemicals, or irritants that need to be destroyed.  After using the bathroom, playing at the park, handling contaminated food, etc…you should always wash your HANDS with soap.

person washing his hand
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AAAANNND IF you work outside where contamination is air born and you may have debris on your body, then soap is necessary.

HOWEVER.  If none of those things apply, you are unnecessarily soaping away your healthy God-Given oil – called SEBUM – this beautiful oil is naturally anti-aging!  It is our waterproof barrier and our first layer of defense against sickness.

According to Wikipedia –

Sebaceous glands are part of the body’s integumentary system and serve to protect the body against microorganisms. Sebaceous glands secrete acids that form the acid mantle. This is a thin, slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin that acts as a barrier to microbes that might penetrate the skin.[18] The pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.2,[19] an acidity that helps to neutralize the alkaline nature of contaminants.[20] Sebaceous lipids help maintain the integrity of the skin barrier,[8][21][22] and supply vitamin E to the skin.[23]

applying body lotion care cosmetic product
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When you use soap you are destroying that oil, scrubbing it away and now left exposed, dry, cracking and itchy.  HUMMMMM……am I making you think now?

arid clay close up cracks
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I consider myself a thinker, a problem solver and a solution sharer.  Is sharer a word?  I couldn’t understand why my skin felt so uncomfortable after showering so I dug deeper into how skin works, why it works, what it requires to work and discovered that soap is a major enemy.

Overuse of any good thing is always going to give you a negative outcome.  God has designed us to live in balance and that is the happiest place to be.  Overuse of this “awesome” bacteria &virus defense (soap) has caused us to prematurely age our skin and technically break it.

Our skin is designed as an acidic barrier and our first line of defense.  Soap lives on the other end of the spectrum – Alkaline – which breaks down oils, diffuses acidic and breaks our acidic barrier. IMG_DEA5A263982B-1

ALSO moms, babies do not and should not be cleansed with soap!  Their perfect skin is not contaminated.  We keep babies so protected from the world.  Now mind you, if there is a poo blow out – yikes – cleanse with a tad of soap superduper diluted with water, but that is (hopefully) a rare case.

All you need to cleanse your skin – da da da daaaaaaa – is Aloe Vera – Crazy right!!!

Aloe Vera Plant is PERFECTLY created by God to have the exact same PH level that He designed our skin.  Isn’t that awesome!!!  Plus, it has natural healing properties which cleanse away harmful microbial, viral and bacterial debris.  COOL!

My SOLUTION is this recipe for a great all natural cleanse:

  • 1 cup Organic 100% Aloe Vera
  • 1 cup Raw Unfiltered Honey (do not use on infants under the age of 1)
  • 5 drops of Organic Chamomile Oil
  • 5 drops of Organic Frankincense Oil
  • 5 drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil 
  • 2 Tbsp Organic Ground Cinnamon

Blend those ingredients together and put it in an empty body wash bottle – REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE people, am I right?!

I love to use scrubby gloves to apply this wash, it really allows proper exfoliation in the shower and great distribution of the cleanser because it isn’t going to bubble up like S.O.A.P. (SADLY OVERLY ALKALINE PRODUCT).  I usually buy those gloves at T.J. Maxx (sigh) or Marshalls because they always have them at super inexpensive prices.


ahem.  I’m gunna get TMI for a quick sec.  Close your eyes if you don’t want to hear this.  A lot of vaginal issues like bacterial infections, yeast infections and bladder infections can be avoided by NOT USING SOAP in your private spots.  YUP!  Soap strips that spot of all its natural acidic climate.  Leaving you so susceptible to all those really uncomfortable problems.  STOP USING SOAP.  Cleanse and refresh with this cleanser – NOTE – don’t use the cinnamon in your recipe if your going to cleanse in your sensitive spots – that might be too stingy.

For men – jock itch is sad.  It’s super uncomfortable and can be avoided if you just stop using soap there. Sebaceous glands are concentrated in our armpits, groin and neck.  If you strip away Sebum with Soap you are exposed to all sorts of fungus and uncomfortable stuff.  Stop using soap there…did I already say that?

There, I’m done.  Stop using SOAP all the time in the shower.  It’s ironically bad for your skin.0E4CBE26-B424-4CE7-8D2D-532107E6B606



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