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Accept your Success by Achieving it Right Now!

We work each day

doing this and that,

Some days we thrive

and others fall flat.

Some days stretch out

and we wish they’d stop,

Some days are productive

And nothing could top.

The way we feel when

promotions come ‘round,

Or you achieved

what you put down

on that list of

things to do

People to inspire

Or create brand new.


Change the world

with your intent

Fix something broken

because you vent.


And you can’t vent

with no reward

You vent with courage

with strength from the Lord

You vent cause you see

a different way

A way of ease

and so you pray

the words you say

Will be heard

that ears will soften

Hearts be stirred

that those that seek

Will find your way

Will hold on tight

And accept today.


‘Cause you belong

to a party of achievers,

Who sing His song

Because they’re believers!

Changing the world

made and designed

prolific thoughts

Exemplary refined.


with a steady mind

seeing what others

just left behind.


Solving and sleuthing

through every day

Helping you slay

In a successful way!


Achieving through believing

irradiating strife

Advancing our days

with recipes of life

Making our jobs be

smoother, wiser

Fix the broken

Create sublimer.


Don’t give up

on your life’s goal

Focus on the path

Command your role

Don’t get bogged down

with No, not yet,

or make excuses

I can’t, I bet

or later, I will,

Just not right now

tomorrow is better,

maybe then, somehow…


If you want success

you act today!

God gave you your ticket

So, you have to play!

‘cause you’ll regret

not taking a chance,

and making a difference

where others now dance.


Inspire yourself

to the role God gave

and the path He led you,

right now is paved.

But if you wait

for another day

that road gets crumbly

and the road goes away…


Child, you think He waited

When he created you?!

“Na,” He said

I don’t wanna do

Creating is boring

I’ll wait another day

facebook is calling

I just want to play.


Heck no! My friend,

That’s not how He says!

He created everything

in just 7 days!

He inspires greatness

His power is TRUTH.

He invented beauty

you are that proof!

The heavens shook

When you were born!


Another mold torn.

You are His perfect!

By God, it’s true!

There will never be

Any other like you!

And seeing His creation

is inspiration Devine.

You can change the world

You are His, sublime!


So take the time,

Scan your true reflection

See with His eyes,

Your soul – His perfection


Now on your knees

You’re in a place

where achievements live

where doubt’s erased.


Tap into HIS power

success only He can give.

You explode upon each task

with this new life you live!


Smile and say

I am a star!

I create

I’ll go far!

I deserve

I succeed

I create

I achieve

the Holy Spirit within my heart

wants to work

wants to start

Brand new habits

of inspiration

Brand new me

God’s beautiful creation!


Within the bubble

of your right now

You can be different

let me tell you how!


Remember the names

of people you meet

Look in their eyes

don’t retreat!

Compliment with honest

and special words

Make a connection

Your Christian voice heard

with every say

with every act

You’ll be noticed

and they’ll come back

and they will say

I really do matter

they’ll spread the word

with joyful chatter

You’ll be noticed

by your boss

promotions will come

by the handfuls, tossed!


Now you climb that ladder

set by the Lord

shining His light

reaping His reward!


be different

be changed

be healthy

be good

be successful

be humble

be strong

you should

read the recipes

in His Book of Life,

the Bible is there

written so we might

Pray without ceasing

when we want to achieve

Accept our path

Because we believe

that He knows better

We are His kids

so do life successful

Do what He bids!


As a stay at home mom, I command the role of Champion Entrepreneur. Ahem, and I bow, and I thank you very much. AB95E3C4-6716-480D-890E-4A454394E0DD.jpeg


It’s by far, the most rewarding and challenging job I’ve ever done.  The accolades of this job are evident at the end of every day when my children are safe in their beds and the house is still standing.

Within this role I have discovered new roles. Instead of becoming lost within the lives of my children, I’ve become a woman with no limits, no boundaries, and eternal horizons.

My children are champions.  I watch them thrive, overcome and succeed in everything they do!  They don’t wait till tomorrow to be successful, they keep trying until they master and enjoy the task they focus on.  If it’s swinging on a swing they ask questions and listen to the required movements to achieve the highest peak possible on the pendulum of fun.  If it’s riding a bike, they watch us explain, learn from each other and master the balance required to enjoy the speed of those two wheels!

I glow with a humble pride because I know those little champions are His, not mine.  I thank Him every day that He blessed me with them.  That He chose me to guide them through life.  They are FUN!! They are Inspiring.

And so, I create with a passion that is not my own but His.  I pray continually that God would use my life to help others, guide them to a Christian life and make every day jobs easier and better.  He does that by blessing me with inspired perception of the world.  By seeing things that need to be fixed and giving me the recipe to fix them.

My entrepreneurial energy is contagious, passionate and ready to be shared with the world.

I was designed by God as a worker.  My competitive nature fuels my desire to achieve.  Competition is healthy as long as our focus is 100% eternity driven.  I see Eternal life with God like this: meeting Him in Heaven to present Him with a thankful and humble heart.  I desire a life led by acts that are intent on heavenly reward, not rewards here.

Intertwined in heavenly reward are acts made here in earth. Are we living to our full potential? Are we listening to the calling of the Holy Spirit and the truth that His word guides us to?  He designed healthy life here on Earth to be full of hard work, loving Him and reflecting His principles. The fruits of the spirit  Love, joy, peace and long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.

I’m not saying that actions = Heaven. There is NO Action we could achieve that could ever = Heaven.  What I’m saying that we are designed to work, and through our work we are commanded to further HIS kingdom by living a life that He guides us to.  We are all designed differently and we all play different roles.

Ultimately, I decide to use my gifts to praise Him. In EVERYTHING I do.  So, whatever I design, whatever I create, whatever I do to improve this life, I will always attach God’s praise.  He is worthy of our continuous praise.  He is worthy of so much more than simple thanks.  He is worthy of my Actions, my intent and my blessings.  To Him be the Glory. To Him be the praise. To Him I give me and all that I am from today, tomorrow and forevermore, in Jesus Name!  Amen!

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.



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