St. Patrick’s Day – FREE – Christian Homeschool Worksheets

A day we celebrate


A day that’s masked

In mystery

This day of honor

Covered up

By sinful slander

A frothy cup

This day is special

A Christian man

For a missionary

Following God’s Plan

He was sold

To slavery

Stole from British


He was taken

To Ireland

Where he found

A Godless land

He escaped

And home he fled

But not for long

Because God said

Go back there

And minister

Share my story

And begin to stir

Give them hope 

And take away fear

Explain my love

To all that hear

St. Patrick used

The shamrock to

Explain the Lord

And love – brand new

He used familiar


To explain a new




Holy Ghost

Our God above

Loves you most

The Three In One

Created You

So love Him back

Start life brand new

This day is special

for one thing

Remembering that 

God’s Word must ring

Out to every

Single nation

We must share love

To God’s creation


For The Lord

And then one day

Great reward

Heaven awaits

The fearless few

And this day, Patrick

Is remembering you

You reflected

God’s great love

And now in heaven

Up above

You reap the joy

Of sacrifice

You lived for Jesus

Now rejoice

Point to Jesus

On this Day

Lift your index

Up high and say

Praise you Lord

We celebrate You

St. Patrick did then,

And now – we do too!

This is how I remember St. Patrick’s day.  This was a day we celebrated leprechaun lore and ate a ton of salty ham and cabbage and then basked in the smelly farts that followed.  It’s such a joke when I look at all of the Christian Holidays that are covered up in disgusting “innocent” child-like cartoons.  It makes me sad that society totally disguises Jesus and the sacrifice He made which inspired so many fearless followers to sacrifice their comforts and pick up their “cross” and follow HIM.

St Patrick was a genius.  He levelled with the Irish people by using familiar imagery to explain his love for Jesus.  He explained who Jesus is by describing the Holy Trinity in the form of a shamrock.  The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.  The great 3 in 1.  

It’s important that we grow in faith and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  That we always lift the veil of sin and disguise and raise our children with TRUTH!  March 17th is a day to celebrate Jesus, and remember that brave people all over the world sacrifice comfort and even their lives to share the truth of the GOSPEL.

Here are the School Worksheets I created for my Champions today so we can share the Gospel truth of why St. Patrick’s Day is special and a great day to celebrate Jesus’ Love for US.



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