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For those that feel overwhelmed with what is going on in California, politically, these Christian Soldiers have done the work for us. Sign up for their newsletter, get involved, support them with prayer and let’s see what the Lord will do for us. No matter what, the outcome will be great, we will see a revival – or we will be raptured. PRAISE!

We must act in prayer. We continue to ask for divine safety and protection against the attacks of the enemy and repent for our own sins. We must look in the mirror and see where we can repent first, work on our own hearts and minds, be less of us and more of Jesus. Not a single drop of rain ever thought it was responsible for the flood….let us all be contributing to this wave of Christian revival that is sweeping the source of most evil in this country. Let’s defeat the gross at the source! California is changing – we are not blind anymore, praise the Lord for persecution that forced the sleeping Christian to wake up and be so passionate for the Lord.

Last night we spoke to a Pastor friend who just planted a church in Austin, Texas almost a year ago. He told us he was shocked to see how many churches were CLOSED in Texas, a state that did not require the churches to close – the just willingly did. Dustin and I – our concerns were confirmed. We see revival everywhere we turn – in the most “God-less” state – what? Take something away? Human nature – ingrained in us – we want it back.

There was no persecution in Texas – no reason to defend – so they didn’t. Shame on you Texas. Don’t let yourself fall. How scary. Didn’t Jesus warn against the sleeping church in Revelation? Remind me of that verse? If you said the Letter to Sardis, then you are correct.

Praise the LORD! The most populated state in America – California – is under persecution. We are reviving again. We are marching, united in Spirit! People are opening their Bibles, teaching their children, and loving Jesus – Hearing HIS alive voice in text! It’s Him – you hold HIM in your hands with that book. How awesome is that?

Where is your Bible? Pick it up, let’s hear His Voice right now.

Here we can find quick links to oppose laws that will hurt our children, unborn children, and continue the downward spiral of morality.

Dear Lord, please guide us as we continue to obey You, and you alone. We pray for wisdom as we go through this life. Help our daily, minute by minute focus be LOVE first. Please teach us to Love you, love our families, love our neighbors, love first in all things. Help us always love. For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us – the most awesome display of love. We love you Jesus, thank you for love. Help us repeat that more and more each day, help that to be the first thing we consider as we submit – let us be less, and allow You to be more. Please be more of a habit – Jesus. “Take my heart and let it be, always only ALL for thee!” Thank you for all you have blessed us with – let us be thankful and not wanting more here on earth. Let us be looking up, seeing you return in the clouds, come soon Jesus, we are so excited to see you! In Jesus name, Amen!

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