no matter what

comes my way

I promise, Jesus,

I will say

I love you

more today

When the sky

is looking grey

My weight is heavy

with dismay

I will never

go astray

I praise you Jesus

no delay

In the storms

that come and spray

I’m never drowning

You will stay

and keep me safe

I am okay

Lord on High,

I humbly lay

My worries down

for I know they


for you did pay

The price for sin

Sacrifice, Display

I see the Light

the Glorious Ray

The Lighthouse, Bright

Your Truth, convey

I will share

on loving replay

My life, example

proof, You slay

The past, the gross

the old decay

New is born

as a child may

Love with innocent

wonder, array

I am yours, Lord,

use me, I pray.


With love and wonder, she strives to tell others what happened, because the truth lives inside of her. In so many ways, the truth lives inside of her. She knows what happens, she knows the change. In fresh and renewed energy, she offers to share the treasure. Here is gold. Do you hear?  It changed her life, she tries desperately to share it.  

“I know how you are feeling right now,” she says.  

“I know the loss. I know the empty. I know the searching. I know that you are filling yourself with stuff, feelings, things, with distraction, with success, striving, searching. I know, the never finding. I know the empty life.”  

“Listen”, she explained.

“I had it all. I was beautiful, rich, educated, successful in everything I did.  I was unattainable, desired, haughty and confident.  I was coveted, popular, travelled, outwardly thriving. They wanted me, wanted to be like me, wanted to do what I did.  I was she.”

Her face in her hands, she paused, then looked up with tears in her eyes.

“I had it all, but I had nothing.  I was so empty.  I was lost.” 


She tells His story now. History. He was the answer. Jesus. Complete surrender to Him. He created. He loves – continual, and yet, she denied His Love.  She denied because she knew she could do it on her own. She tried. She succeeded with stuff but stuff was never enough. She had everything and she still had nothing.  

Yet, in that nothing, she found everything.  On her knees, in complete surrender, she was transformed.  Found worthy, but not because of her, because of HIM.  He loved her first.  For some reason, He loved her.  She did not love herself, yet, love was discovered on that day.

She knows now that with every second she has left in this life, she must fulfill her new mission, she must share, she must find others that are looking. She must share the treasure, the real treasure. That is her blessed mission now, nothing on earth is real, only Jesus is real, He is the essence of everything. They, the lost, are searching like her, and she knows the way.

She had the information, she just chose not to use it.  But what about those searching but haven’t heard of the answer? That is the mission. To share.

Share what?  Maybe Jesus is a man they don’t know?  Maybe they don’t know what Gospel means?  Maybe the Good News is foreign?  Maybe the Bible hasn’t been read?

The Gospel, the Good News, is that He came to earth, our God, in the form of Man, transformed and humble, completely perfect. He loved us so much, he humbled himself to die the worst death available at that time.  He suffered so that we don’t have to.  He died.

He died.

“Our Savior, the one who loves you right now,” she explained, “died on a cross.”  

Massive and cruel spikes were thrust through his wrists and feet.  He was pounded into the ground and on display in front of people who just they day before cried out saying they loved Him.  That day, they chastised him and screamed, “crucify HIM.”  How quickly mankind turns their back.  How simple we are, and yet, He loves us.  He said, “it is finished” – His work was made complete.  He died.

It was finished?  Yes, the great work of Love was done.  That day, His sacrifice wiped all sin away.  We are washed clean by His blood.  He took away the weight of our past and offers us life today!  A new life is available here on Earth for all who choose.  You can be born again, that’s what born again Christian means.  The pain of life without Him can be taken away.  You can receive true JOY here, yes, even right now.

The fact is this, the truth, is this: He died, Jesus died, but he came back to life.  His work on the cross was finished, but His testimony wasn’t.  He came back to life, resurrected, to show us that eternal life is the promise and gift we can receive.  We can have it too.  His display of power over death is the gift. The catalyst, the ultimate, over all other religions, what matters and what all meaning of life is based on is love and the power of love.  He rose from the dead, he is alive.  IF that wasn’t fact, there would be no hope, no reason, nothing. Thank you Jesus, that is not the case.  

His gold, His treasure, is that He is alive. He is alive and He loves us.  His love is freely given. It is for all, for whosoever.

For whosoever believes.  It’s all inclusive.  It’s for all.  For whosoever.  I am telling you the truth, because I was a who, and so for ever I am changed.  I have no ability to go back.  I am forever changed.  I am His.  I belong to something so much bigger than this world.  

The lie is that the world can give you satisfaction, but it actually takes satisfaction away.  The world will leave you beaten, dying and twisted.  The world will chew you up and leave you for dead.  That’s the worst part, you put in so much effort and time chasing satisfaction, and you can never get that time back.  The world tempts you to believe that it can fill the void you hate.  It can’t.  You are a who, you so need the answer, the solution will ever and always be greater than the world.  It is the Creator.

2021 is a year, it is now. What does that time mean?

“Now,” she says, “now.”  

Now – is 2021 years after Your Answer was born.  He desires to solve, to heal, to love, to show, to guide, to give you rest.  

“Pray, Lord, I hear YOU.  I am curious about this answer, please reveal Yourself, I know you love me because I am created by you.  You know my heart, you hear my pain, you know I am searching, now I am ready to be found, I am in the open, not hiding in shame anymore.  I am ready to be whole in you.”

Find a Bible, they are everywhere, go and read, search on your phone.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are all about Jesus, His life, His miracles, His display of sacrifice and how He is alive and well today.  His greatest gift is the Holy Spirit, who is the Guide.  He is the answer.  He is what you receive when you believe.  

Her voice cracks when she says this, her eyes look to heaven.

“Praise Your Name.  Glory to You Lord.”  

Tears pour down her cheeks in overwhelming Joy.  She feels His presence when she speaks of Him. She feels Him, goosebumps, a rush of pure Joy, it’s not like anything she has ever felt before. The Holy Spirit is the is the proof.  He is the constant, the receiving, the real-life knowing, the answer she was seeking, the healing, the love, the strength, the comfort. He is her everything now.

She still remembers the change.

She was broken, at the bottom.  She had done it all, all in complete destruction, a puzzle of all the wrong pieces.  There was no way to put her back together.  But in surrender, He helped her. He gave her a new puzzle, the old pieces were no longer necessary.  The new pieces didn’t go back together immediately.  It took time.  Anything worth-while takes time.

Peace was immediate.  Jesus held her hand as she took her first step.  The healing was guided by the Helper, the Holy Spirit.  

“The best part”, she describes, “is that I have new discoveries everyday.”

She explains that she falls deeper in love each day and this love is perfect and it’s never boring, it never gets old, it is never unsatisfying.  His love completes her.  He is never gone, never lost, never impatient, never too busy.  For eternity, her love for Him will only grow and be stronger and stronger. He loved her first and even though her love was not reciprocated, He never stopped pursuing her, and she will never forget that.

Greater love have no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.  He displayed that love for the world and the world hated Him, the world rejected Him.  What will you do? Love or reject? Will you remain in the world, lost and searching?  or will you surrender and be found.  Will you receive? 

She?  She will continue sharing the answer so that you may receive what she was blessed to receive.  Jesus loves you, how does she know? Because the Bible told her so.  We all belong to Him, but the receiving of the hope He gives depends on you – in choice.  You must choose.  I can’t choose for you.  I can promise you one thing for sure, the choosing will be your answer, either fantastic or horrible. Now you know the Good News, the Gospel. She just told you.

Now you know.  The wonder is now yours, it’s no longer mine.  Now that you know.  Here is my life, my God, who is alive and well.  Here is my gold.  Here are my riches, here is the answer.  I pray with my whole heart that you taste and see that the Lord is good, His love and mercy endure forever.  

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