Solution to Fear, Solution to Danger, Solution to Government, Solution to Tyranny

Are you looking to man

to solve a problem that only God can?

Are you watching the news

When all it’s spewing are lies that confuse

Are you reading the worst?

when the Word of God is what you really thirst

Are you staying inside?

When the Light of Life tells you to abide

With the communal Spirit who doesn’t want to hide

to gather with friends

to make ammends

to say in all sincerity

I miss you so, come near to me

Are you ready to stand?

When others cower behind trembling hands

Are you ready to pray?

Down on your knees, every single day

Are you ready to submit?

because man can’t solve this, not a single bit

In fact, man makes things worse

It’s written in ALL history, it’s our sinful curse

Are you ready to say?

I’m sorry God, I lost my way!

If this doesn’t prove

The current retribution, the result of who we removed

Our only Salvation, so He disapproves


Do you remember Judges? Sinful idol feats?

Do you see that is US?

That is what we are doing, sinful actions cuss

Throw away it all,

All your comfort, foolish, it’s like you made the call

Come on take it from me!

I don’t want to be happy, I want MISERY

This sinful life, I know it’s bad

but it feels so good, for a second, rad

I’m so in love with alcohol

It has destroyed everything, I watched it fall

but I love the taste and how I feel

It’s all I need, my loving drink, it’s oh, so real

and the drugs I take, that lift me up

They make me happy, when I fill my cup

I used to take 2, but now I need all ten

It’s really not bad, I’d do it again, and again, and again

Now you’re lost, so far, inside of sin

You can’t see anything, you can never win

Your off in lust with every other one

when your spouse is at home, completely undone

That life is great, the one of sin

Cheating, lying, oh you win, win, win

Everything’s gone, everything’s come undone

The sin gets old, now you look for someone

To save you, to help, cause you realize

That it’s not just you, the whole earth capsized

An entire civilization lost its way

and now global distort

Has burned a path – to God’s retort

Is this what you want? You don’t want me?

You don’t want my love? or my safety?

Does comfort come from ONLY HIM?

Not from the Devil, your face is looking grim

You lived committed to the sinful way

So when punishment came, you fell to pray

The ebb and flow of humanity

Is written down, so blatantly

This cannot be a shock,

You cannot be so blind, your heavenly block

Wake up and see

that Jesus is the only way to escape tyranny


Come on guys, He told us we are insane!

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Can you read that there?

Can you bow down humble and say that prayer?

You don’t change your sin

Complete surrender allows The Spirit within

to break your chains!

Free at last, He takes away earthly pains!

Do you see HIM now?

Do you remember Jesus, He’s still knocking, wow

He LOVES you so,

He is the only solution, the only place to go


Open your windows, don’t act surprised


When you fall away, He give you the chance to RE-fill

Your cup with His love

So look away from the news, and look up above

I’m begging you

I want revival again, but what will we do

that’s God’s gift for all

We get free will, will you answer His call….

JOHN 9:39: Jesus said, “For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.”

PROPAGANDA: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

The management of the sickness that has settled on our world is propaganda. The government is forcing ONE SOLUTION to a very subjective issue.

Does the ONE SOLUTION work? Does it provide complete protection?

In the past, a one solution did work – measles was Eradicated. That was a vaccine.

Does this ONE SOLUTION work? Is the virus Eradicated? Can you still get the virus? Can you still spread the virus? Is that a solution?

No? interesting, so why then it is being forced? Why if it is NOT solving the problem is it a means of segregation and destruction of freedom from society? Is that balance or is that insanity?

Do you see that when the government is issuing information that is so heavily one sided, and not balanced, that this is Tyrannical Leadership? It is exactly the same tactics that Hitler used – only 100 years ago – why is society so stupid to repeat that mistake so soon?

I speak to Americans – the people who established the Constitution to remember the God we serve. Remember that George Washington – in faith and surrender to God, was able to defeat the British with a group of farmers and store owners. God-given freedom. That freedom made no earthly sense back then and the freedom we maintain makes no sense today, we must remain on our knees and when GOD commands you to ACT – do it! Pray for our leaders. Fill them with the Power of Communal Spirit. Gather and pray. God is good, He is hearing us. He promised He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

We require balance, choice, freedom. Those are God-given. No man should ever try and take them from us.

We must pray, submit to God and ask to be used by Him.


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