Truth and Justice will Prevail – It’s the American Way – IN GOD WE TRUST

I’m sharing this on my website Mark, thank you. My husband and I met you last week at Cafe Hermosa in San Clamente – great food! Off topic – It’s sad they are changing ownership, it can’t be true…

I appreciate your passion to share truth and open the eyes of the blind, while enriching the wisdom of truth seekers. God bless you and your family. God is with us, who can stand against us. Persecution is necessary to solve the massive problems we have in America. It’s been God’s tool since time began.

Mark, you clearly identify the broken issues, it’s exciting to watch you motivate the initiative to correct, justify, and restore.

You define the True American Man – you are proactive and you are bold.

The resistance is here, it is the core of America, and the corrupt are still bumbling cowards who will never win.

We The People, For the People, By the People. Justice and Truth will always prevail.



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