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I am a die hard entrepreneur. I love creating and I am ready to share my creations with you. Here are a list of Simply Swank Swag you can have at your home too.


My children’s books are made to order – Simply click on the book you would like to have at your home and I will have it made and ship it to you ASAP.

$45 per book

Personalized signed copies available upon request.

Edible Body Care:

Yup, tried, tested, loved, effective and true. This stuff is the bomb like the fella says. My skincare has been a hit for the last 5 years and I’m super excited to ship you a bundle. Add it as a garnish at your next dinner party. It’s all stuff I created with ingredients in my kitchen. Take that poisonous killer stuff you buy at your store. I win.

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Dissecting Ingredients in Popular Body Care Products

Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care

Cleanser – $45

Facial Scrub – $25

Deodorant (pits n feet) – $10

Makeup Remover/Eyelash Enhancer – $15

Nail Therapy – $5

Bundle and Save $85 – save $15 when you buy the entire Simply Swank Body Care Bundle.

Christian Simply Swank Accessories:

Baby Blankets AKA Swankie Blankies:

I make these from super soft 100% cotton flannel and amazing textile inspiring satin blanket binding. They are super cute, really cuddly, lovingly comforting and a Simply Swank favorite item.

Blankets are sold for $100

Baby Blanket Season!

Swanky Blankies! Toddler Bedding Solution!

Simply Swank Jewelry and Accessories