Financial Support

Oceanside-Strong and SimplyMySwank’s mission statement is to share the Gospel of Christ. Without the Good News of Jesus, this mission is absolutely powerless and amounts to nothing. It is by His Grace alone that I am reaching others and it is all for His Glory. May America rise again in complete dependence to our age old promise – IN GOD WE TRUST.

I, Katie Swank, founder of Oceanside-Strong and SimplyMySwank, have been extensively researching, informing and producing great achievements. My small, yet powerfully patriotic campaign has been effectively supporting, connecting and informing the public about the inner workings of their government, from the local to the federal level. I maintain effective dialogue with local government, lawyers, police officers, first responders and medical workers.  Communication is essential to achieve a society that is dependent on justice and freedom once again.  God commands us to be Biblically active not apathetic.  To help those in need.
Dependence on the Lord and His power to change the minds of the corrupt and disillusioned leaders of today is where faith and trust in our Creator is established.  God is good and His wisdom is greater than ours.  The enemy cannot succeed as long as the church remains. Amen.

Oceanside-Strong has been effective in helping many lost and wandering citizens, desperately needing the right resources and factual information. This campaign has assisted in protecting the essential jobs of many local residences, (nurses, teachers and entrepreneurs) This mission has helped them “hold the line” against vaccine mandates, mask mandates and the shut down of small businesses.   

It is essential that this campaign put serious pressure on local officials (concentrating on Oceanside School Board).,,,,,

Children are innocent and not at health risk so the tyrannical mandates from the State and Federal Administration is blatant child abuse. I will never stop fighting for our children, I will be the voice for those who have none at all. Hitler began controlling his people through the school system, he used child abuse to pollute an entire society. I will continue to fight against that same Marxist/Communist agenda adopted by our current President and his regime. 

My commitment to you is distribution of information that discredits propaganda. This mission was commissioned by God and I stand in His truth.  We must fight for freedom – like David, Moses, Esther, Daniel – and never waiver, never fear.

It is imperative that we remain open to effective dialogue and support one another. Funding is essential to the growth and leadership of this grass-roots local campaign. I appreciate all the support you generously offer.
I will use each hard earned dollar to provide the most honest, effective, and most importantly Biblically sound information to the public. I will connect subscribers to effective leaders who are aligned with their own Christian beliefs and continue to put pressure on the local government to man-up and fix what is broken.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (President Lincoln) Let’s unite as Americans -both Liberals and Democrats- connected by the cord of truth -our Constitution – and fight against the new form of leadership known as The Far Left who are terrorists dedicated to destroying our freedom. 

And we powerfully proclaim – IN GOD WE TRUST!