Thank you for Reading, Thank you for your support!

This site costs $114 annually to commission, and I have earned $18.39.  My mission is to generate enough income that this can be my vocation. (or at the least, to break even.)  I humbly ask for you to click on ads while you visit my site so that I can earn a living doing what I love.  The shameful artist begging for survival. Thank you in advance for your help!   Continue reading Thank you for Reading, Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much!!!

I’m telling you I screamed when I saw it!!!  Today I doubled my views!!!  I got a whopping 77. I am so humbled and honored that you guys are taking notice of my blog. I made $.02 last month and my husband and I celebrated!!  I can’t wait to see what this month brings. The money I earned helped me understand that blogging can produce an income. I appreciate you all giving me the chance to express my creativity, share My Faith and make some money for my babies. I’m so, so humbled. God bless you all! A million times … Continue reading Thank you so much!!!