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Christopher Rodriguez for Congress.

Dang, to be on the front lines is exhausting, yet, why give up now. We are so far into this, I will never give up. Do you know why? Because it is NOT me fighting. It is the Holy Spirit. I can't give up because it is Jesus fighting for more saved souls. For righteousness.… Continue reading Christopher Rodriguez for Congress.

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Please Support Let Them Breathe Lawsuit! Save the Children! LET THEM BREATHE is now raising money to take legal action against the state to end student mask mandates. We have retained the same firm that won against the state on school reopening, and we are seeking funding to help initiate a new lawsuit pertaining to masking and quarantining.

Christian Mom

Educate and Empower! The Most Vitally Important Video to All Americans!

I have never been so effected by a video! What a powerful video full of pertinent information for ALL Americans to watch. Rise Up! We will be stronger and remain undefeated if we stand United! God commands us to be wise, knowledgeable and we will succeed when we seek Godly advice. Praise the Lord for… Continue reading Educate and Empower! The Most Vitally Important Video to All Americans!

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13 Heroes

13. Not in war.In desertion. Abandoned. Left behind. No plan. No order. No reason. America. Take a deep breath in. Let it go. Now stand up. Rise up. Look around you. The veil is lifted. You can see again. You grab your flag. It doesn’t stand tall and proud. It respectfully is hung at half.… Continue reading 13 Heroes

Christian Mom

Urgent!! – TODAY – REPUBLICANS MUST RESPOND – Write to Your City Council Today

We are at a pivotal time right now. We must act now. There is hope for our land and for our people. Copy this email and fill in the names of your local city council members. Your prayers for them are imperative today. We must be praying for them and TELLING them that we are praying. Show your support, show your love, let them know you are there. They are government, elected ONLY to represent your voice. They are not in control. GOD is. It is through Him we can be saved from this tyranny. IN GOD WE TRUST