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Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?

Cop-out, maybe, yeah, I'll try, if, when, later, pass you by.   Silence, ignore, shrug, stare, anger, resentment, fear, glare.   Effortless, lazy, wasting away, disappear, distant, pathetic way.   Living life with these tools will never get you Heaven's jewels. You have to live fully committed this current life is so diluted Everyone around… Continue reading Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?

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Dissecting Ingredients in Popular Body Care Products

Let's dig deeper into some popular body care products.  All information included in this post is thanks to EWG website.  This is such an awesome site if you have concerns about any product you are using.  They have information on basically everything.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, yikes!  These ingredients… Continue reading Dissecting Ingredients in Popular Body Care Products