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Amish Paradise. Let me tell you about my Jesus

Keep telling me I’m wrong, scared, stupid. I’ll tell you about my Jesus.Herd immunity proven! https://youtu.be/O1DgWYdukZU I'm so inspired by the Amish. It’s amazing that they can be a shining example of what life can be like - free of fear?! Trust in your immune system?! dang. Amish have real life freedom in Jesus. They… Continue reading Amish Paradise. Let me tell you about my Jesus

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Fear’s Adrenaline!

Control, control Oh, can’t you see? I CAN control Inside of me Life is nuts And I control, If I let go... Life will unroll   So when things get a little scary I plug in fear because it’s very Satisfying  when I feel Adrenaline, It’s power is real   Fear makes scary Go away… Continue reading Fear’s Adrenaline!