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Detox is Real – How I Overcame The SICK -Day 3

How I felt sick How gross did I get I felt all achy And did I let that take away my desire to fight the desire for health the choice that was right all of the toxins that built up inside they're coming out please Jesus provide me strength to keep fighting when I want… Continue reading Detox is Real – How I Overcame The SICK -Day 3

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What do You Have to Gain?

https://youtu.be/kCW3Fcfidoc what is left for him to gain when all he feels is greedy pain money roles around his head nonsense left might as well be dead efforts made His whole dang life met with sorrow, worry, strife wish he loved them more than it wish he wasn’t such a shit sweeter, kinder made more… Continue reading What do You Have to Gain?