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Why is there a Hell?

Time is precious.  It is not promised.  What is promised is Salvation.  All you must do is pray and repent of your sin, turn away from your old life and give it to Jesus.  His blood paid the price for your sin.  It wipes your sin clean, tears up the contract with the evil one… Continue reading Why is there a Hell?

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Not Even Muslims Cover the Faces of their Children – Mask Wearing and Brain Development in Children

Would you like to know what I asked my friend on Sunday? (She is a nurse), “Have the doctors and technicians done any testing on the implications of brain development and masking children. Doesn’t it lower the essential amount of oxygen needed for their little brains to develop?” She said no, they haven’t. Also then,… Continue reading Not Even Muslims Cover the Faces of their Children – Mask Wearing and Brain Development in Children

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Answer To Prayer.

Less of me More of You That is all I ask of You Wisdom seeking On my knees Tears pour down Asking please Heal the hurting Broken hearts Bless the weakness Please restart Give them courage Shine through them Raise them up Full again And to the ones That caused the pain Please be with… Continue reading Answer To Prayer.

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Farmhouse Styles – Interior Decor – I love Kirkland’s!

  Check out this furniture store I found - Made with LOVE in Nashville, TN. I love the options for farmhouse decor.  It's timeless and my personal favorite.  Kirkland's has really cute accessories, furniture and decor.  I am so happy to be supporting a smaller company. In light of all the corrupt stuff going on… Continue reading Farmhouse Styles – Interior Decor – I love Kirkland’s!

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Glass Half Full Project #GHFP

Happy Sunday.  We are watching church from home this morning all cuddled up in our Pajamas.  We are all forced to stay and during this pause we have been sharing and enjoying some really special things. We are connecting with neighbors that we have never met before, enjoying brand new friendships, sharing food and supplies… Continue reading Glass Half Full Project #GHFP

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Is Prayer Enough?

Unfortunately, events happen in life that overwhelm us all. Whether it’s something that effects us personally or in the outside world. Tragedy = prayer. The desperate and passionate prayers expressed during difficult times are events in themselves. We are usually down on our knees, crying, talking out loud and at times even screaming. (Me) Passionate… Continue reading Is Prayer Enough?

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In Response to a Fence Sitter

https://youtu.be/6YurZc-RR5U This is my response to a comment left on one of my posts. (Edited for context) Sorry I didn’t reply, maybe I didn’t see this post, or maybe I didn’t write back because I didn't know what to say.  However, I believe I have a response to your anguish.  You are sitting on a… Continue reading In Response to a Fence Sitter

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A Father’s Love

https://youtu.be/3KHPIZOdrjI Fists Clinched Fired up Screams inside Why this CUP?   Each step taking Dreads the end are you kidding? now you send This mission I have to make this decision I have to take my only son? and this, my path? Inside churning Daunting task.   Boy is close knows his role Safely under… Continue reading A Father’s Love

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Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?

Cop-out, maybe, yeah, I'll try, if, when, later, pass you by.   Silence, ignore, shrug, stare, anger, resentment, fear, glare.   Effortless, lazy, wasting away, disappear, distant, pathetic way.   Living life with these tools will never get you Heaven's jewels. You have to live fully committed this current life is so diluted Everyone around… Continue reading Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?

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Pointing Fingers

Mark 12:30-31  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. Pointing fingers left and right him and her anyone in sight them and… Continue reading Pointing Fingers