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What is Your Positaction?

yeah, I say I grew up a different way in a place right like that sounds like my mouth's swollen fat where we talk with a drawl that'd make most jaws just fall and wonder, you may, What did that girl just say?   n'bout the sound that you hear you think you're better? you… Continue reading What is Your Positaction?

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Nails – Heavenly to be a Woman

Being a woman is special, it's true There is so much to look at So much to do Fashion is passion I'm always a fan Mom-life is real tho So, I do what I can To stay involved my way as me-time allows The things I find special on Pinterest, I browse The new trends… Continue reading Nails – Heavenly to be a Woman

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Simply My Swank Toothpaste

I don't like the way it tastes: Someone told me that the other day and I agreed, "Yup, I don't either."  It doesn't taste like a sugar mint. But doesn't that make you question WHY does your toothpaste taste good?  Aren't you just cleaning your teeth?  Not eating sugar paste?! My all natural toothpaste includes… Continue reading Simply My Swank Toothpaste