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Great Expectations Do you have Great Expectations? Do you have sturdy foundations? Can you fall and get back up Can you see a half-full cup?   Do you want more from your day? Do you want to powerfully say, I matter here Do you see? I will think, pray and achieve! I accept a challenge here!… Continue reading Great Expectations

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Temple Goals – Is 10 Minutes Enough? Heck yeah, I'll start the day with SKILLET. I am so excited about my Temple Goal.  I can do the 10 minutes every morning.  I make my coffee, and get 'er done.  It's the best way to start my day. I have been checking my stats on WordPress and I can see a bunch… Continue reading Temple Goals – Is 10 Minutes Enough?

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Accept your Success by Achieving it Right Now!

We work each day doing this and that, Some days we thrive and others fall flat. Some days stretch out and we wish they’d stop, Some days are productive And nothing could top. The way we feel when promotions come ‘round, Or you achieved what you put down on that list of things to do… Continue reading Accept your Success by Achieving it Right Now!