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Unpopular or Strong

who was unpopular when you were just 4 and you did something wrong same as you did before   and the person that scolds you and says you were wrong and teaches that lesson so that you don't belong   in a hospital bed with no fingers attached!     (all the moms of the… Continue reading Unpopular or Strong

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What if Jonah just Obeyed?

Set yourself earnestly to discover what you are made to do, and then give yourself passionately to the doing of it. - Martin Luther King Jr.   She was blessed with a gift And that gift was a blast She loved writing stories They were ones that would last Loved rhyming words Loved how they sounded Loved all the lessons… Continue reading What if Jonah just Obeyed?

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A Father’s Love Fists Clinched Fired up Screams inside Why this CUP?   Each step taking Dreads the end are you kidding? now you send This mission I have to make this decision I have to take my only son? and this, my path? Inside churning Daunting task.   Boy is close knows his role Safely under… Continue reading A Father’s Love