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Christopher Rodriguez for Congress.

Dang, to be on the front lines is exhausting, yet, why give up now. We are so far into this, I will never give up. Do you know why? Because it is NOT me fighting. It is the Holy Spirit. I can't give up because it is Jesus fighting for more saved souls. For righteousness.… Continue reading Christopher Rodriguez for Congress.

Christian Mom

13 Heroes

13. Not in war.In desertion. Abandoned. Left behind. No plan. No order. No reason. America. Take a deep breath in. Let it go. Now stand up. Rise up. Look around you. The veil is lifted. You can see again. You grab your flag. It doesn’t stand tall and proud. It respectfully is hung at half.… Continue reading 13 Heroes

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The War Room – Applied to the World

Yes, there is power There is power in prayer We have discussed this We are fully aware That Jesus hears us When we pray We are thankful and humble For that everyday   I wonder if we Connected our prayers Like the War Room Movie We make each other aware   That miracles happen When… Continue reading The War Room – Applied to the World