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I’m an “Influencer” (oh, are you now…)

I don't have time or energy to give any more to this post. Read past the spelling mistakes and the non-capitalized letters. Get the message alone. Do research. Use your brain, lift the veil, see God is working and live your life NO LONGER in fear. For God is working. This battle is already defeated… Continue reading I’m an “Influencer” (oh, are you now…)

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Read this Text Conversation – “For Such a Time as This.”

Hey have you seen this documentary? Dood. I started to watch that but there is no way I can finish. I’ve been overwhelmed by truth and I know that the spirit world is real and at war all the time. People have shut out God from this country and they will see what His… Continue reading Read this Text Conversation – “For Such a Time as This.”