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Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?

Cop-out, maybe, yeah, I'll try, if, when, later, pass you by.   Silence, ignore, shrug, stare, anger, resentment, fear, glare.   Effortless, lazy, wasting away, disappear, distant, pathetic way.   Living life with these tools will never get you Heaven's jewels. You have to live fully committed this current life is so diluted Everyone around… Continue reading Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?

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Pointing Fingers

Mark 12:30-31  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. Pointing fingers left and right him and her anyone in sight them and… Continue reading Pointing Fingers

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The Chocolate Box of Life.

"Mom", she said "What about you? Who tells you What to do?" You tell me, You are my guide. Right or wrong truth never hides.   You are right there to let me know. You actively love You never let go. You never quit You never give in You always care teaching me about sin.… Continue reading The Chocolate Box of Life.

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For-Give / For-He-Gave

Forgiveness a pondering I rejected understanding holding on entitled pain forgiveness what? so troubling.   IF I forgive then, they win all for not horrid sin why did I suffer for things they lack and do some more...idiots shrug, not me... I'm not forgiving. leave me be.   forgive that? sick inside forgive that? rotten… Continue reading For-Give / For-He-Gave

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Monkey See? Monkey Do.

Drunk upon what happened then spewing words hurt again can't stop talking about the past adrenaline lives killing fast robs your now of happiness replaces joy with crappiness.   Bringing down those you trap conversations yip and yap   People dread when you call knowing that you will haul them down into that moat of… Continue reading Monkey See? Monkey Do.

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My Humpty Dumpty Day

Psalm 30:2 Lord my God, I called to you for help,     and you healed me.   I don't know how to do it best I Simply try give God the rest. some days come and I just shrug man, a doozy downward tug snowball effect every attempt days like that feel contempt   I'd rather… Continue reading My Humpty Dumpty Day

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Temple Goal, 10 Minutes a DAY keeps our Flubby away!!

If you feel lumpy and bumpy and sad I can relate I know that it's bad I have the solution I know what to do wait and you'll see the answer is true!   Commit to a choice one that is new positive changes a habit that grew   Get down on your knees humbly… Continue reading Temple Goal, 10 Minutes a DAY keeps our Flubby away!!

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Y’all, my son was hollering out the days of the week to us while we were driving.  It went a little something like this... Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Eightday . That made me think... When God created the earth he labeled the days with numbers.  On the sixth day he made… Continue reading Weekdays

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Thank you for Reading, Thank you for your support!

This site costs $114 annually to commission, and I have earned $18.39.  My mission is to generate enough income that this can be my vocation. (or at the least, to break even.)  I humbly ask for you to click on ads while you visit my site so that I can earn a living doing what… Continue reading Thank you for Reading, Thank you for your support!

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Competition [Verse 1] I give You glory For all You’ve brought me through And now I’m ready For whatever You wanna do [Verse 2] I'm moving forward To follow after You And now I’m ready For whatever You wanna do (Elevation Worship) - Won't Stop Now Mark 10 The Little Children and Jesus 13 People… Continue reading Competition