my Prayer for Cash

IMG_4144I pray that you will grow so strong

and be a helping hand

to everyone that is in need

Please be a gentle man


Have eyes that look for good in others

and words that are so wise

Look deep inside and love your soul

True love grows from deep inside.


Don’t lie to get out of trouble

your character is your proof

Owe up to every decision made

Your value is your truth.


Don’t cheat no matter what you do

I want that to stand out

When you trust from deep inside

you love without that doubt.


If you’re unhappy, tell the truth,

and voice what you must say

Don’t hold it in and stew inside

God tells us all to pray.


When you search for answers, my son

don’t listen to your head

Read the Bible every day

It is your daily bread.


God gives us everything we need 

In his all-telling Book

When you need wisdom or guidance

He is there, just take a look.


Praise and love the Lord on high

Raise a strong family

you are the head of your house

this is a great responsibility.


Be strong when others are so weak

Be that rock they can turn to

love your wife and children

Guide them gently to be true.


Work hard at everything you do

don’t ever skip a step

Do all things methodically

Make sure you always prep.


Be proud of working hard

And have a steady hand

Bring others up in confidence

and you will be a powerful man.


Don’t lack in compliments

Speak with God’s own words

the way you talk will show yourself

and your voice will always be heard.


I pray that you will laugh a lot 

when you speak praise His name

I am so, so proud of you

True joy comes without any shame.


These words come from my heart

you are my son, my love is true

I pray your blessed and live in joy 

And this be done your whole life through 


IMG_2093 2


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