the devil’s toy

why do you shout and yell so much?

“Go play!” she said, in such a rush

I brought you here so you’d have fun

go away little one.

Princess said, “mommy please”

I’m here, I’m begging on my knees

please look at how I jump so high

and look at my hands stretched to the sky.

I’m running fast in my new shoes

and I am counting numbers two by twos

and I can skip and I can hop

look at me, mom, I’m at the top

of this big slide and I can go

all the way down, don’t you know?

I’m so small

and I’m so young

I just want you 

to share my fun

please talk to me

Please hear my cry

why don’t you want to play

tell me why?

you are missing all the special things

that each passing moments brings

you’re sitting there all slumped down

crouched over like Golum, gooey and brown.

I’m shocked she even wants to play

with a grouchy old bag, I must say

You’re so addicted to your phone

Not one glance you’re such a drone.

I’m sad to see such an epidemic

around the globe, it’s really sick

all these babies, so neglected

by scanning feeds and being rejected

by moms and dads so glued to screens

and we don’t hear their desperate screams.

Please just stop and take some time

and I promise, you’ll will be just fine

your stupid FOMO will go away

and you will find that you can play

with your own kid that you just had

Two years ago with her dad

and she will bring you greater joy

than that stupid phone, the devil’s toy!!

IMG_2093 2


    • Thanks for reading it. I get so grossed out when we are out and I see everyone glued to their screens. I wonder why it doesn’t bother everyone like it bothers me. “If I ruled the world…” says my silly ego.
      Ba. Maybe it makes people think about it. Who knows. God bless us all. And I casually shug while answering you on my phone….


      • It is a difficult vice to crack, I know. We talked about how screens allow interruptions into our daily lives, yet we don’t like our lives to be interrupted at our Bible study once. I’ll probably add it to the blog pretty soon.


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