Christmas in May?


I don’t know why God speaks to me the way he does.  His timing is his own.  It’s May and I couldn’t stop thinking about Christmas.

Ever since my husband and I became Christians my life has changed in so many ways.  I look at life objectively, no longer blind to the things we do.  I have a very passionate feel about our Christian holidays.  I just don’t like the hiccups that are distracting us away from what we should be celebrating.  My distain is growing and growing as my love for the Lord is getting stronger and stronger.  So here is what I wrote yesterday.

How dare we as Christians to allow the wonder and majesty of our precious and powerful Savior to be overshadowed by the “wonder of Santa?” 

um…What?  Excuse me?  What did you say?  Um…Santa is innocent.  He is fun and we DO Santa.  Why take that from my kids.  There’s no harm.

So I ask you…

Who is he? Why do we allow this to happen?

And you answer…

Because you had Santa when you were little and it was fun…?  To save and protect the “innocence of childhood”

Say that out loud to yourself.

Okay, right, this is it y’all.  It was fun to imagine a stranger coming into your house at night while you are sleeping to drop off presents because you were good for a couple of weeks before December 25th.  And parents, we don’t want to lose that tool that convince our children to be good.  We all use that trick right?! 

And what about elf on the shelf.  Whoever thought that up was the same genealogy of the dude who invented pure torture.  I’m as creative as the next person, but seriously folks, I don’t like putting candy in my toilet.  I don’t like precariously placing that lanky, top heavy elf on the toilet seat.  And worst of all, I don’t like fishing that elf out of the toilet water after the kids knock it in.

And still you protest…Y’ALL, “I need to have something to take a picture of for Facebook.” ‘Else everyone will think I’m a bad mom and I don’t encourage my child’s ‘magination.  Oh the pressure of “keeping up with the Distractions.”  Keeping up with what everyone else is doing, we are all so blind. 

Think about it.  Think about how devastated God is that we are replacing the day his one and only SON was born, the SAVIOUR of our SINS.  The one who allows us ETERNAL life and GLORY forever with HIM.  But seriously, we are replacing him with a fat guy in a red leisure suit,  and sneaks in your house through your chimney.  

Here’s the best part, he scares the daylights out of my daughter – no prompting from me or my husband.  She is terrified of our fireplace because she thinks Santa is “going to get her”.  That’s no joke.

Santa is scary.  How many pictures do you see of children on Santa’s lap screaming for their parents? While we stand back and watch the people organizing such a terrifying event swipe our cards for $59.99 for 2 poorly taken pictures.  We put our precious gifts on the laps – on the laps – of strange old men in a run down dirty mall just for the WONDER and MAGIC of Christmas.  No folks, that’s not what its all about.

So What if….What if, Christian soldiers, I cry out to you, WHAT IF WE TAKE IT BACK?  Take back the day we honor our LORD AND SAVIOUR!  Take it back from the Pagans and the people who want to mask and to bury the story in some glitz and glamour of a truly confusing and strange holiday.  Look at it as if you had never seen it before.  Pray about it.  Let God speak to you and let’s rebuild this day.

How much more magic can you imagine in your mind than a woman who becomes pregnant from the HOLY SPIRIT?  A son is born that has the capacity to perform MIRACLES.  Turn water into wine.  Heal the sick with just a word. RISE FROM THE DEAD GUYS…..He gave us the greatest gift!  He gave us ETERNAL life.

So what if we just erase the scary guy.  What if we do EVERYTHING else, just not him and all the reindeer and the elves.  What if we say, MERRY CHRISTMAS, CHRIST IS BORN.  We celebrate the best birthday in history.  

Christmas morning at the Swanks, 2017.

We still give each other presents, cause thats part of our culture and its an exciting and happy way to celebrate birthdays. It symbolizes the precious gifts the wise men gave to Jesus. We sing songs, eat great food, pray and rejoice every single year for reasons that are not scary, not corrupting our Christian ideals and households, we stand true to the GOSPAL.  We stand against those who are trying to erase our Lord and Saviour. We bring him back; back to the forefront of the holiday He gave us.  

Guess what we allowed….someone snuck in…in the middle of the night while we were sleeping and took something away…they are taking away Jesus.  Taking him away from our lips, from our songs, from our Country.  Someone stole Jesus, we let them.  And worse yet, they say every year, look what we can do.  We allow the real story of Christmas to be rewritten.

The history and the glory of what really happened has been rewritten?  Now that is getting some attention, isn’t it.  Because we have strong feelings about that.  What did God warn about rewriting HIS story?  He clearly explains this in the Bible. cropped-a645e87e-0e28-453f-836e-dde2ebebbaf3-792-000000f352247e841.jpeg 


I warn everyone how hears the words of the prophecy of this book; if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

Proverbs 30: 5-6

Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.  Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.

WOW.  I dunno folks.  Those are strong and powerful promises.  Where are you gunna be when Jesus comes?  Dressed in that Jolly ol’ suit, passing out toys and perpetuating a lie that erases him from the history books?

Christians, it is not innocent.  It is a lie.  It is masking and distracting from the one true story.  It’s not nice.  Its rude and mean.  Why isn’t His son enough for us.  Why do we have to change the most beautiful story of all. 

And yet, we say, hang on, not good enough, we (sin) can write a better one.  Sin has tried over and over again and it will eventually win!  Why? Sin rules this earth.  Are we going to allow this to continue? There are serious choices we can make as parents here on Earth.  We can take a stand together.  For God, for his one and only SON and for the power we have in HIM.  More serious battles have been fought.  We can win if we stand together.  

What if this?  What if on your birthday no one celebrated you.  Everyone in your family sang songs and rejoiced in some guy down in another country that they didn’t even know.  They just saw you in the background and focused on him.  That would make you feel sad.

I say NO MORE SANTA!!  Because God is Greater.  He was, he is and always will be the greatest and He wants us to pay respect, to honor and to love him. He wants us to cherish his ONLY SON the same way we love our children.

So let’s all decide to change, starting today.  We are required, for the rest of days, to take back Christmas.  Claim it for our own.  We need to Erase Santa and Embrace Jesus.  We need to live the rest of our days with only one goal in mind.  HEAVEN. Eternity. So when we see His face that we have no regret in how we did life.  That we did it with honor and all things IN HIS NAME.

Guess what kids.  There’s no such thing as Santa, we have something better.  We have JESUS.

He came one night. It’s magic. Let me tell you this story.

On the night before Christmas

We sat in our house

No-one was stirring, not even a mouse

We all sat in wonder

As our father read

The most wonderful story

And here’s what he said.

Listen, little ones, to the words that I say

Here is the story of Christmas as told the Lord’s way.

Mary and Joseph, they travelled so far

While Shepards followed the sky’s brightest star

They gathered together just like we are tonight

And celebrated the birthday of the Light of all Lights.

And what to their wondering eyes should appear

A Saviour was born so soft and so dear

They all sat in awe of his glorious face

They bowed down in honor of his POWER and grace.

More rapid than eagles

That baby he grew

He told of his Father

And the miracles he would do

His life was an example of how we should be

So we all can live for eternity.

Jesus was born so many years ago

We celebrate every year so we know

And we remember, With our hearts full of faith, love and joy

For those who trust in Him, each girl and each boy

Will celebrate forever the birth of a KING

And have comfort in the hope that his birth brings.

So remember my children

As you rest your little heads

Of the story of Jesus as you sleep in your beds

When you wake the next day

We get to sing, eat and play!

Come celebrate the birth of God’s precious boy

And as you receive each book and each toy

Remember that the best gift of all is the one from above

The one that reminds us that the best gift is love

So share this with everyone you meet and you know

And the gift of God’s love will continue to grow.

Luke 2:1-20

The story of Jesus’ Birth – taken from the best book of all – the Bible.

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  1. I sure hope you are planning on keeping your blog online for a long time, as I am putting a pingback to this article on my blog in the ‘Advent and Christmas’ category!

    (In case you can’t tell, that means I really like what you wrote.) 🙂


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