IMG_2319I sat outside just yesterday

With my kids while they did play.

My daughter sat beside me,

My little munchie, as cute as can be.

I rested my arm on top of my head

Munchie looked at me, tilted her head.

Mom, what is that that I see?

What is that hair, what can that be?

It looks just like Dad, like the hair he grows!

Are you like Dad, Mom? She wrinkled her nose.

I’m sure my face was as red as a rose.

Munchie, don’t yell that stuff out loud!

My ego was screaming inside me, so proud.

I cringe, I plead, please find me a hole

So deep that it will swallow me whole.

Curiosity is a new stage, so again she said,

Mom, why do you have hair in your pits?

This is as good as parenting gets!


This is a far cry post from the typical rhyme I write.  But that’s life, it comes with all sorts of interesting twists and turns.  My site is all about real life, the things that inspire me, make me cry, make me laugh, make me really sit and think.  I love your feedback, your insight, your ideas, so please comment and let me know about all your life too!  Moms unite!

Anyway, that happened yesterday.  Her first time noticing hair where it typically isn’t.  All my glorious flaws are going to be hollered out for the whole world to hear from this point on, I am sure.  Thus, parenting a 4 year old continues.  Curiosity, comparison, self-awareness and the ever-changing responsibilities of parenting are realities that my daughter and I are tackling together.

Speaking of armpits. Do any of you struggle with finding the right deodorant like I do?  Check out the product review section of Simply My Swank.IMG_5648

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