A Blog is a Powerful Tool!

Hi guys, I just found out

What this blogging is all about

and now I’m here, and I’m going to stay

and be a mom at home and play

With my two kids, that I love so

But here’s the thing that we all know

Those bills keep coming and coming each day

and I have to find a profitable way

to please them all when they ask me to pay.


So if you will, and I do plea

Click on an ad or two, for me?

Cause my two kids are here at home

and they would like to play and roam

With mom, not Cheryl, or Suzy or Sue

or Molly or Sherry or MaisyBlu.


I like being at home with those two kids

guiding them, loving them and filling their lids

with the love of God and faith and HIS glory

Teaching and disciplining them, this is our story


We have a charity close to our hearts

Where four little kids are getting fresh starts

Because of the money that we send

To their little families, we help them mend

their precious lives in a difficult land.

It’s our ministry, our focus, and God’s Command!


So if you please, and if you do

Click on an ad, on my little page

I’ll get paid a tiny wage.

Thank you so much in advance

and giving my rhymes a fighting chance

To share some thinks, some happy, some sad

Some that make you wonder…is she mad?


It makes me happy to share a story

and give to God, all the Glory

Thanks again, and now I’ll end,

and say once more, Thank You Friend!!!

Blogging is a great thing.  I think it’s fun to be a stay at home mom.  I also know that I have to pay those silly bills, so this is a great way to stay home with my munchies and still make an income.  The only thing is that the only way I can get paid from my blogging is to ask you to click on some of the cool ads on my page.

I have no shame when it comes to my children.  The ones I gave birth to, and the ones that live in Haiti.  I know you feel the same way.  You would do anything and EVERYTHING for them, just like me.  So here I am, shamelessly and gratefully asking you to support those cute little faces and click away!

My family really appreciates your support.  When I get enough clicks, I am allowed to be paid by the ads on my WORDPRESS page.  SO, that would be cool for so many reasons.

Our family sponsors 4 children from Haiti.  If you are interested in our charity please click Haiti Foundation Against Poverty.  We look forward to supporting this charity with this website too.  If this site becomes profitable, we will publicize all of our charitable donations.

Our little girl, Kendia lives in the tent cities in Haiti.  Her family has no walls, dirt for a floor, no privacy, no toilet, not enough food, no means of comfort to say the least.  This is all real.  If that doesn’t tear at your heart, you are not alive.

Her life is so hard, she rarely even makes it to the school we pay for.  Her reality is something we could never even being to imagine, yet look at her eyes, her little smirky smile and that tiny little hand waving hello.  She is cute, and she belongs to that beautiful woman behind her, but she is mine too.  I love her and I will do everything I can to help her.img_80061.jpg

Please share if you are inspired to support children from Haiti too.  OR let me know about the charity that your family supports.  It’s a super cool calling and I love hearing all about it.  God bless you all today and every day.

A mother’s love never ends, it goes to Heaven and back again.

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