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Princess Rules

IMG_8114 2“Hey Mommy,” said Princess,

“I have something to say!”

I was thinking about something

while I was at play

I think that the book

that we read was all wrong

and they’ve been telling it

that way, all along!

We have to change the story

mom, yes please

cause look mom, I’ll tell you,

it’s all of these

her finger pointed to pictures

inside of her book

she looked at me with

a confused sort of look.

How does a princess

ride her new bike?

With a fluffy ol’ dress,

it doesn’t seem right!?

and those pointy shoes,

just wouldn’t work too!

They would get stuck in the muck,

when they play like I do!

How does a princess

Really have any fun?

It doesn’t seem right mom,

you said that I’m one

I am a princess,

and when I go play

I wear these fun clothes

and my hair flies away

into the wind,

it’s not in a crown

It flies all around when

I jump up and down

on my trampoline

out in the back yard

how do they wear that stuff

when they play so hard?

princesses don’t play

in that silly ol’ book

see right there mom?

just take a look

I think that those books

are silly, you see?

a princess is someone

like you and like me

A princess is someone

who just wants to be

happy inside

and laughing like we.

Sparkles are fun

and look really shiny

but they are itchy, scratchy

and not very comfy.

I like my tanks, my shorts,

and my tees

When you ask me to wear them,

I always say please!

Real princesses don’t wear

that scratchy stuff

She folded her arms

and said with a puff.

and all of my friends

are princesses too!

Can we write a new story

about the things that we do?

Playing with dirt,

toys, dolls and pretend

That is what my princesses do,

ask all of my friends!

A princess is something

that lives deep inside

As she stretched out her arms

so far and so wide!

Look at me mom, I am a princess,

now don’t you see

A princess is someone

like you and like me!



How real can you get?  My daughter is the most beautiful thing in the world.  She was painted just for me.  God knew my flavor and made sure he gave me exactly what my eyes wanted to see.  I love her to heaven in back again.

My husband always calls her princess.  This little poem is exactly what we have.  A real princess.  One that plays, has wonderful and powerful opinions, great imagination and the gentlest soul I have ever met.  She is a powerful force to be reckoned and when she expresses herself.  I love listening to all of her special little thinks.  Her mind is so perfect and so beautiful.

God is good.  I encourage all of you to carry on the great fight princesses!  We are all soldiers of God. We grind, we get dirty, we play hard and we constantly strive to do God’s will.


Proverbs 31:25 – She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

I love this verse in the Bible.  I think this is a great description of what we princesses truly are.  What do you think?  Have your daughters said the same thing about what a princess really is?

IMG_2093 2

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