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The beach


The beach is where I love to be

‘Cause I can feel Him talking to me

My mind is clear, my eyes just see

The beauty of God, it surrounds me.


He fills my soul here on the sand

I pray, “Dear Lord, let me hear your command.”

I feel you tell me all the time

Spread Your word, Your love with rhyme

I feel this is your gift for me

so I’ll use it faithfully

use my words and let them be

something that let’s them see

a life that’s lived for the Lord

surpasses any earthly rewards


So here I am, right on the beach

and these words came, so I could reach

one lost heart who is reading this

I pray that they do not miss

the signs that God is giving them

to change their life and begin again


Say this prayer so full of love

Speak to God, the Lord above!

“Forgive me Father for what I’ve done.

I love you God, the battle is won!

I surrender my life and my heart to you.

Please use everything I say and do!

I’ll live each day to further your nation.

Thank you, God, for my salvation!

I know my life is now brand new

Thank you, God, for all you do!



If you just said that special prayer

Please let all Christians be aware!

We want to shout to yell, rejoice!

Another friend has made the choice

We can pray for your new path

protect you from the devil’s wrath

You are saved and you are whole

You have a powerful-brand-new role

To play here while we live on earth

Great is your reward, great is your worth!



YAY!!!! Praise HIS HOLY NAME!!!! Thank You God!

Romans 10:13 – for, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!


If you have just said that prayer, or a form of it, you should let us know!!!  If you feel like you want to post on this blog to share with all of your new Christian family that would be awesome!

I love being a Christian.  It is so comforting and cozy knowing that I am the daughter of the ONE TRUE KING!  I love loving God.  I pray that you feel the same way I do too!

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