let me get this off my chest


Guess what, girl, if you say this

You will piss off a bunch of piss

People don’t like what your going to say

Lots of people will come your way

And say you had a good thing going

but now I don’t like that you are showing

the stuff I used to know was right

you put my gross into the spot-light


It makes me feel an uneasy way

So I don’t like what your words say

I won’t read your stupid blog

I won’t listen to the words of God

I choose to live in a sinful way

Its cozy right here, life the easy way!


Sin is right here and making me cush

Don’t give my conscience a massive push

I don’t like hearing that nagging guy

I made him quiet, now I don’t try

I don’t have to be right, that’s not cool

I just do what sheep do, that’s my rule

Don’t stand out, don’t be heard

Just abide by sin’s safe words


Don’t say what’s right or what is wrong?!

If you just be quiet it won’t be long

Before the whole world gets caught up

In this mind boggling guff

I’m telling you folks, it’s super sick stuff


I exist through each passing day

I’m so scared, I must say

I have a daughter and a son

I’ll be honest I want to run

And hide them from society

That tells them now that anatomy

Is something that you can decide

Did I say I want to run and hide?

I want to scream at the small little brain

That made insanity something so plain


But now we have decided to normalize

Sin and slander and the devil’s toys

What. Are. You. Talking. About?

I look around, my jaw open in mind-numbing doubt

This society is absolutely blowing my mind

I want to run and hide behind 

My Bible that gives me a solid guide

And tells me what is right and wrong

That lets me know that I belong

To something much greater than all of this

And heaven is full of glory and bliss


If I hide and run away

from all the words He gave me today

then I do fear that I will pay

because the Lord has made this be

the mission he has pressed on me

so in spite of all the back-lash

I will not hide, I will not stash

the words that people need to hear

I will write without any fear


We have no idea what pressures our kids

Are under now, no matter what we forbid

They’ll be exposed to things that are said

By other children, so sick in the head

And the seed of their sickness was surely planted

By Satan himself, only his power has granted

A thought like this to be accepted

I can’t believe it’s not rejected!

Are we at that fateful day?

Where my children cannot just run and play

I am terrified of what they will hear or see

As we live in this part of “God’s Country”


Parents gave up and fully exposed

Their little brains to all that is told

There is no protection for their minds

With no filters, no rewinds

Just perfect sponges that soak it all in

And believe it all, with innocent grins

No idea of consequence

Just trusting little ones, innocence. 


But sin has come with such a blow

That now the parents just let them go

And make all kinds of terrifying choices

With just their tiny little voices

How can they live with such a weight

Depression, agony, and fear is their fate

How can you love without protection?

Their innocent souls left with rejection

Do it yourself is what we say

I just want to live my own way


So parents let them choose those massive things

I’m so scared of what those kids will bring

The next generation is messed up folks

And its all your fault – you lazy jokes

Man up and be the parent you must

Hold them all close and don’t just

Give them all they ask for Joe

Tell them yes and tell them NO

Tell them right and what is WRONG

Tell them now before too long

When they are old and look at you

And tell you how they feel about you

And say, you did’t take care of me!

Why should I look out for thee?

I give up on your sagging face

You gave me this guide you silly race!


Oh I hope for all of the whole wide world

That you’ll turn to God before he hurls

You into that terrifying scary pit

Where sin belongs, I’m sure of it

You think that 80-100 years

Is infinite! and now I fear

That the self-centered lot of the entire nation

Is going to crumble, poor God’s creation

You are His, and still he loves

And he forgives, now that’s above

Any earthy sin, temptation or wrong

You are his and you belong

To the one who can see past your old sins

So turn to him and you can begin

To mend the wrongs that you have done

And raise your kids like that battle is won!


So go back to doing the greatest job

That’s on planet earth I’m telling you Bob

That raising a child with strength in the Lord

Is raising them with the mightiest sword

They will battle through the muck and the mire

And they will win, they will run and not tire!


Give them the tools required for life

Teach them how to cope with strife

Don’t give them a belt full of empty hooks

You silly leaders and bosses are crooks!

Imagine if that is what you faced

When you went to work and someone replaced

Your leaders with a bunch of babies

It makes me laugh, you’re all so lazy

Get off your squishy and lumpy peeyews

And go be a leader to those tiny yous.

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