hello, Arch Nemesis, my mind does say

as I walk past that pile for the 10th time today.

I dislike everything about you

so I decide not to do

that part of housework that I like the least

I’ll put it off for 2-3 weeks

It taunts me like a bully at school

I don’t want to fold it, at home I make the rules

so I get to decide, I choose the day

that the pile of clothes gets folded n’ put away

After that laundry sits for a while

and I can’t stand looking at it, I’m mad at that pile,

I make a mental-ready stance

put on some music, do a happy dance

I turn to that laundry and forcefully say

you will not beat me, I’ll win today!

I make some great coffee, I choose a cozy spot

and I attack that nemesis with all that I’ve got!

The laundry is done and I breathe out my stress

I did it, I’m done, I hung the last dress

I turn around and what do I see

20 dirty loads that need to be cleaned…


Man, I hate laundry.  It’s my worst thing here at work.  I will very-happily buy more laundry baskets to store the clean clothes, rather than fold them and put them away.  The above link takes you to my favorite style of laundry basket.  I like that one the best because it holds a ton of laundry and it’s easy to carry.  Plus, the kids love playing inside of them, they are the perfect size!

I guess I should be clear.  I don’t mind the sorting, I don’t mind the washing and drying…I dislike – with all my might – the folding and putting away.


I get mad at all the little piles of clothes and at all the random spots they have to go. I am frustrated with all the socks that don’t match, there is a separate basket for those too.  The whole process of folding and putting away makes me bonkers.  rahhh.

I used to roll my socks to keep the matched ones together, but this put too much strain on the elastic and they would be destroyed after a couple of months.  SO, I Swanked that problem and these are my solution!

They are cheap, have strong clip-resistance and are easy to use.  I just clip my husbands socks together – he is the only person that wears socks at our house – and waaalaaaaa!  Sock elastics are safe, his expensive socks last way longer, and I have a happy husband in the morning as he rushes off to work at 4 am.  His routine is less stressful during those early morning – still half asleep – hours cause he can just grab those socks super fast.

My husband and I shared a similar oddity when we first met.  We were so particular about our clothes.  Everything had a certain way it had to be washed, every article of clothing had a specific way to be dried and then put away.  We were so organized and so completely different before the munchies came to stay.

Now our laundry life has taken a sharp 180.  Nothing is precious when it comes to that stuff.  I don’t care what goes in the drier, like the rhyme says, I avoid the clean clothes sometimes for 2-3 weeks.  I just gently close the door and POOF! It’s gone.  I can walk down the hall and think about the 200-ninty-four-thousand-times-seven other things I have to clean.

ahhhh.  Laundry.

I used to use expensive Tide for all my loads. (here’s a coupon)  I still buy the expensive stuff, cause nothing seems to work as well as that for my husband’s work clothes, but I also buy this Kirkland laundry soap from Costco.  It has no scent, so I get to be creative and selective on how my laundry smells.  I love my laundry to smell fresh, so I put a couple drops of my Doterra oil in the water as it’s filling.  I like the scent to be natural and not like strong chemical scents like other detergents have.

One of the best things about laundry is that my best friend feels the same way.  We can laugh about it all the time.  Best friend, you make life so happy.  I love that we can share mutual distain, belly-laughs and stress-relieving giggles for all of our stay-at-home mommy stuff.  You truly are my answer to prayer.  This post is dedicated to you!


1 Corinthians 16:13-14

13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 14 Do everything in love.

Happy Saturday readers.


– all the funny little videos were taken from my iMessage ap on my phone.  I don’t know how else to give credit, where credit is due…haha. Thanks for the awesome expressions that match my silly mind.


IMG_2093 2


  1. It’s so funny how we all have that ‘thing’ that we hate to do. In my case, it’s cooking. I don’t mind cleaning up the dishes but how I hate to prepare meals! I would do laundry all day long if someone else took over the kitchen duties 😂 Thanks so much for following my blog… and I am looking forward to reading more of your posts 😊

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