Feeling Sad

If I could color my day, today would be blue.

It was a really sad day, I’m telling you.

I found out today from my mom and my dad

that I’m moving away and I feel really sad.

I’m leaving my favorite tree in the back

and the rocks where I jump right over the crack.

I’m going away from the old dirty swing

I’m leaving my back yard! It’s everything!

This news is so sad, and I start to cry

how can I leave all this and say goodbye?

I don’t want to go, I don’t want to be sad

I want to stay here, that would make me so glad.

We packed up our things and we left, it is true!

I was so sad we were leaving, oh what do I do!

I cried and I cried and I said, “Mom, I’m sad”

Why are we leaving our house mom and dad?

Dad said, “Change is hard little one.”

But prayer and trusting is what should be done.

When we feel sad, and we feel blue

Talking to God is what we should do.

So I bowed my head in the back of that car

and told God about moving away so far.

I said that I’m sad but I’m trusting in Him.

Then I looked out the window and started to grin.

Because I remembered what my mom said!

My new room would have a way bigger bed!

and my yard would be fun, a new one out back

with all of my toys, they’re packed in a sack!

Mom said we are going to a happy new home

with trees and a forest and places to roam.

A yard with a swing and a tree and a rock.

One with a slide! And a pond! WITH A DOCK!

“No way, mom, no way,” I said,

as I wiped off the tears on my cheeks that were red

this sounded better, and that sad feeling fled.

My new house sounded fun, with a better back yard

it sounded way better, now this isn’t so hard.

I talked to my folks about feeling sad

and found out that talking made me not feel bad.

I prayed and I talked about all the sad things

and the sad feeing left me, with all that it brings.

The tears were all gone, the sniffles they stopped

when I got out of the car, my mouth it just dropped.

I couldn’t believe what my big-blue-eyes saw

It was just as she told me, the best yard of all!

I’m so thankful for telling my mom and my dad

how I was feeling cause they made me glad.

And praying about things is more-than-okay

because the power of God can change my whole day.

Praying and talking about the things that I feel

is healthy and good and makes it all real.

I shouldn’t keep it in, all jumbled and strange

I can talk and get help and start to arrange

My thoughts and my feelings and that is way better.

We can help sort it out by talking together!

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 7.14.31 AM



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