Our New Outdoor Home Theater!

YAY!  Thank you AmazonSmile!  We have our totally new home theater at our house!

A couple of weeks ago we had such a great idea.  We were going to go to the drive-in theater and watch the new Disney movie, Christopher Robin.  We were excited, the kids were pumped and then… the day arrived that we were going to go!  POP!  Good ol’ reality set in.

We would have to drive an hour to the theater – in traffic – with the two munchies in tow.  We would arrive after 9pm and the movie is probably close to 3 hours with all the pre-views included.  Then we would have to drive home.  And this was after my husband worked a tedious 12 hour shift, working outside in 100 degree heat.  Um…so we didn’t go.

BUT, what we also didn’t do was quit the idea!  We decided to overcome the obstacle which was the PROCESS and we designed and purchased our own outdoor theater!

This is so cozy!  This theatre comes equipped with so many comforts of home…hehe.  It can be used over and over again and we will have AWESOME memories!  We did all of this for $500! An average evening out at the theater, here in Southern California, for a family of 4, is at least $100 with snacks and everything included.  This thing will pay for itself after 5 movies…that’s such simple math and a simple solution!  So, this a practical, fun and economical solution to Swank Family Fun nights!

Let me show you how.

I bought this projector screen.  It was only $55.99 and it is PRIME.  Our package came damaged, but the screen still works.  I have contacted the company and I will let you know how the conversation works out.  Here is a picture of our screen.  You can see the bend in the frame.  The reviews are 4.5 out of 5 stars with 575 reviews, so my experience is atypical.

We bought this projector.  It was only $445.00 and it is PRIME as well!  So, our total purchase was only $500.99.

That is pretty crazy and exciting to me!  As soon as we set it all up and get a movie going I will include pictures of the quality.  It’s going to be so cute seeing everyone in our front yard watching our favorite movies outside!  Why is that so fun?  Cause we have 2 tiny kids, we LOVE being outside, we love doing things that are different and fun, and we love healthy and inexpensive snacks at home too!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.27.36 PM


    • That’s awesome that Amazon will ship with UPS then. Sometimes it’s tough to shop for things like that in rural areas. We were looking for the items at Best Buy and all the projectors were almost double the price as the one we got online! I am so thankful for Amazon…
      I look forward to hearing from you. Every time you post on my blog it makes me so happy!

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