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I’m Flabbergasted!

I have to say

I’m blown away

This blog is a tremendous thing

I am so happy that you bring

responses so positive and true

thanks to each and all of you!


Happy words, brand new friends,

Loving God, this never ends!

Sharing stories, bringing hope,

Giving others ways to cope.


Praying for you when you are down,

making you smile, where once was a frown.

Songs that make you want to dance!

Powerful words, so we hold a strong stance.


We are a movement! So strong and true,

and together we show with all we do

That teams like us cannot be beat!

We stand so strong with thousands of feet

Our words live forever, they will not pass.

They feed the army that eternity lasts!


We’re soldiers for God, our voices so strong

In unison we sing His triumphant song!

God is love! He brought us together

and there’s no storm that we can’t weather

cause we are bound with His eternal rope

In God we have heavenly-powerful-Hope!


Thank you so much guys!!!!


Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.27.36 PM


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