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Brush Your Teeth Song

Oh my goodness.  Are you kidding me, kid?  I’m not pinching you, I’m not hurting you at all!  I JUST WANT TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH????!!!!!

If your kid doesn’t kick, scream, cry, punch, gater roll, etc. when you try to brush their teeth, and you have NO IDEA what I am talking about… consider yourself blessed!  Lord have mercy!

Both of my kids have had extreme distain for brushing their teeth since I can remember. Why?  What is the big deal I beg of you?  Why is this sooooo hard?!

Our daughter would hyperextend-plank and scream when I would try to brush her teeth. Then, when our son came along, I thought, no, he won’t care…he is so relaxed and calm.  WRONG.

It was so bad that I now have anxiety when I look at my own toothbrush.  GO-LLY!

And guess what…dentist recommended…this has to happen 2ice a day.  FOR BOTH KIDS! whyyyyyy.  oh the agony.


Music always helps my husband and I.  We use it in so many of our epic parenting scenarios.  This included.

We sing a song to them while we brush their teeth and it seems to help a bit.

(sing to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

brush, brush, brush your teeth

brush them all the time

brush and brush and brush and brush

so the song will rhyme


brush, brush, brush your teeth

brush them till their clean

brush and brush and brush and brush

so they don’t turn green


brush, brush, brush your teeth

brush them every night

brush and brush and brush and brush

so they will stay white


brush, brush, brush your teeth

brush them up and down

brush and brush and brush and brush

so they don’t turn brown


brush, brush, brush your teeth

brush them in the back

brush and brush and brush and brush

so they don’t turn black.


….oh man.  If this helps you at all then I can do the following:

I can throw both my shoulders back, let my hair blow-flowing in the wind and wipe the dirt off, cause hallelujah! We all need help if you have moments of “suffering” like we do.  I love those kids, all the way to heaven and back.  They are so cute, kind, adorable, loving, and made perfect for my eyes… But there is a equal and opposite pendulum swing, am I right parents of the world?!

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 11.15.03 PM

We have found that using these toothbrushes work better because they are more effective for the short periods of time that the toothbrush is actually in their protesting mouths.  We also like this toothpaste too.  It has naturally derived ingredients which we approve.  ANYwho, I hope this information helps.  I am stressed out from writing about it.  Another day of parenting under my belt, and it feels good to know that we are not alone with the “brush, brush, brush your teeth” struggles.  ❤️hugs n kisses❤️

what’s that song??

God is good, all the time, and all the time God is good.  Amen.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.27.36 PM


10 thoughts on “Brush Your Teeth Song”

  1. You just brought a flash back for me….our three girls did the same when we started them brushing our teeth…singing worked for us…more my wife…she has a great voice…me..not so much 🙂 The irony is that our middle daughter was the worse back then and now she has a daughter that has taken to brushing and loves it…go figure….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well she is absolutely blessed, Kirt. And you tell her I said so. 😆 ☺️😁 Cause the opposite is pretty tough. I never thought that brushing teeth would be an issue. The things you learn as you raise your children.
      I’m sure that this pales in comparison to the issues I have ahead though, so I am thankful for these years I have right now. God is good.

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  2. Brushing teeth isn’t necessarily a drag out fight, but I tend not to trust that they are being thorough when they say “I want to do it myself.” I may try this song. We shall see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. We brush theirs most of the time and sometimes we let them “take charge”. I just brushed my daughter’s teeth 5 minutes ago and got toothpaste all over my shirt. The struggle continues. Ever on. Ever forward!!!


    1. Believe it or not, it actually works, and the kids will keep brushing until the end of the song. They know all the verses and they know they can’t stop brushing until the end!
      I love it because it makes a super stressful thing a lot more interactive and the kids actually end up tolerating it instead of throwing fits…
      I hope it helps you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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