10 Day Detox Meals – Day 6

Here I am at the half-way point

this was all done because of that joint

that burns with a pain that I can’t deny

So I thought I’d give this detox a try.

So far, it’s been a positive thing

I pray most of all that it will bring

Peace and healing to my knee some day

And I’ll be able to run and play.

Cause my life, just a few days ago

was full of fat and full of woe

And now I live a healthy way

and God is here each second, each day.

I will continue with this healthy choice

and sing and pray and forever REJOICE

Cause God is real, He has my whole heart

this is such a great and fresh new REstart

I will give him all the glory

and name Him first when I tell my story!

Good morning guys!  It’s day 6!!!!

I can’t believe it.  I have made it past the half-way point!  This is awesome.  It’s WAAAY easier than I thought it would be!  PRAISE!

I weighed myself this morning!  Guess what?!?!  Click on my Pinterest to see what my weight was this morning.  AMAZING!

I am so encouraged, even through my pain, I am feeling better than ever.  I am going to see a specialist on September 7th.  It is time to see what is really going on.  I pray it’s not anything too drastic.  I will have x-rays and then probably and MRI.  I strongly dislike MRI.  I have to be really brave.

I will update you on how the doctor appointment goes.  I am going to see Dr. Laura Alberton at Scripps clinic in La Jolla.  I have never met her before, but she was referred to me by the Doctor who delivered both my little miracle munchies.  I really trust Dr. Steven DiMarzo.  If you are looking for an OBGYN, you have to go see him!

I pray for our meeting with Dr. Alberton, that it will be positive and blessed by HIM.

To all you readers out there, THANK YOU SO MUCH for following along.  Thank you God for this awesome encouraging experience.  I love you!


I used the left-over smoothie from yesterday and blended it with some vitamin B and some Whey Protein.  It’s light and delicious.  This blender is amazing.  Click on that link to purchase one of your own.  I know you will love it just like I do.

Lunch:Processed by Collageable

Let me explain.  When I was a kid we would make scrambled egg sandwiches and spread jam on our bread.  Maybe that sounds really gross, but I challenge you to try it and NOT like it.

My POWR Spread tastes like pb&j all in one.  It’s sweet n’ deliciously savory, one of my favorite combinations.  I tried my childhood snack with my detox twist and waaalaaaa…that happened.  I don’t care how it looks, it tasted FANTASTIC, especially with the added chili pepper flakes.  Another healthy meal accomplished and another belly fully satisfied.


Oh dinner…this was an absolute MASTERPIECE.  I was craving sushi so I decided to make my own style:

I had never made sushi rice before, I read the directions on the bag and it was quite different from normal rice.  If I followed the step by step instructions, it was going to take about an hour to make!  NOPE.  I was not going to do that.  I was STARVING!!!!! (that is not a great look for me, just FYI)

So instead of giving up…I OVERCAME!  I grabbed my Instant Pot pressure cooker and I threw in the rinsed rice.  I added the water and that machine made that rice to PERFECTION in about 15-20 minutes, and I didn’t have to babysit it either!  While that was cooking I was able to prepare all of the other ingredients.  IMG_9693

One of my favorite sauces is the sauce used to make spicy tuna rolls.  I found the recipe for it on Pinterest.  The sauce turned out amazing.  It was a delicious addition to the plate.

Overall, the meal was fantastic.  I would make it again, and maybe next time I will be brave enough to make a sushi roll!  Have any of you guys made home-made sushi rolls?


  1. I love healthy smoothies as well…can’t wait until bananas get freckly at our house, because then I peel them and freeze them and throw them into the blender the next day with whatever other flavor we like–nut butter/cocoa powder/milk of your choice or oranges/milk work great!

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    • Yummo! frozen bananas! I never thought of that. What a great idea! My friend told me that pineapple is a great way to sweeten up a smoothie. I am going to add flax seed next time too. I love how fluffy my smoothie is after using my new blender. It’s so fun to drink!
      So good to hear from you! God bless you, big Christian-sister hugs!

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