10 Day Detox Meals – Day 9

Yay!  Only one more day to go! and I am doing great.  God is SO GOOD!  However, I will be honest.  I will never be able to just drink smoothies for the rest of my days.  This girl needs to CHEW.  This Detox has certainly been a crazy learning experience!  I woke up early today, feeling super excited and super energized.  I am so happy to say that my daughter is feeling much better and she has made a 100% recovery.  She is a true champ.

You can see my featured image is a little bit different today.  I had to share this post by @DH HANNI.  Yesterday was a tough day, and those days come and go (PRAISE!).  This post made me laugh so much.  I kept searching for funny posts from fellow writers.  It really picked up my spirits.  So thank you, DH HANNI, please keep writing.  Isn’t sharing the most selfish thing in the whole wide world?  It gives me the best feeling ever.  I LOVE TO SHARE.  On that note, I am going to share all the punny jokes I read too, thank you so much, Nicholas C. Rossis.

Psalm 5:3

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

I am going to share a personal praise with you.  I love learning.  I am the most efficient procrastinator.  What that means is that I don’t do a lot of behind the scenes research when I do something.  I adapt as I go.  So I started this blog with NOTHING.  I had some stories I had saved, heard about blogging from a friend and the next day, I bought a domain name with WordPress.

I had no idea what I was doing.  I knew I had stuff I wanted to share.  I knew I wanted to reach a lot of people.  But I really had no idea how fascinating this whole life-style is.  Yesterday, for instance, I learned a lot about advertising on Pinterest, creating affiliate links and generating more income from my blog.  How cool is that?!

If you are in the business of overwhelming yourself, then I highly recommend starting a blog from scratch.  I mean, the infinite opportunities, creative inspiration, income potential!  wowzers!  My GOODNESS.  Bless my heart.  But guess what, this is how I thrive.  I love jumping into something cold-turkey.  It’s like the anxiety and panic of knowing nothing gives me fuel to learn it all and master it as quickly as possible.

I am Katie, I will earn $5000 a month from blogging.   

You had better put your name in that sentence, lady, or you might as well get off this gravy train.  Those words are so powerful.  If you have read my blogs, you will know that that confidence allowed me to thrive, earning a $150k commissioned income.  There is power inside all of us, and when you commit your heart to GOD, you are a SUPERHERO! God Gives us the capacity to seek out goals and achieve them.  That is how we are DESIGNED.  We are workers!  Embrace your God-Given Power and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

Dear God, I pray that you bless me with all of the health and motivation to achieve the amazing goals I have set in front of me.  I pray your blessings on those people that are joining me on this journey that they feel motivated to make a positive change in their lives too.  I pray for the power to succeed.  I love you.  Thank you for all your many blessings.  Amen

I also love sharing.  So, if you are a mom like me, and you are ambitious and want to earn an awesome income, I encourage you to join my journey.  All of the information I learn, I am going to share.  I want everyone to enjoy working from home, if that is your passion.  I love being here with my babies, including them in my creative ideas, showing them that hard work pays off, because they are learning through osmosis.  Not only am I co-captain of this ship, I’m a fun mom, but I’m also an entrepreneur and that, my friends, is what Swank is truly about.

hang on y’all, isn’t this post suppose to be about health?  food?  meals?

phewf….Yup.  I LOST MORE WEIGHT, and guess what…my knee is feeling a lot better.  I am limping less and in A LOT less pain.  Praise God.  His mercy endures.  This detox has been so rewarding in so many ways.  I am very thankful for the strength to see it almost all the way through.  I need one more day of dedication.

I told my husband that I am going to go eat a massive cheeseburger as soon as I am done.  haha.  He chastised me, Why did you even do it in the first place then Katie?  He is right!  Why do anything if you are just going to rip it apart when you are done.  I am not a child building a block castle.  I am a grown woman with health issues.  This whole detox was a means to and END.  The temptations of eating poorly will always be there.  But I need to take control of my pain, of my health and live differently.  I strive to be a beacon of hope and a great example to my kids.  I want to do everything in my power to live a long life so I can care for those two babies.


My new Swank Kitchen Tool.I am going to make another smoothie with water, strawberries, small piece of banana, vitamin B, organic spinach.  YUMMO!

I can’t tell you how awesome that Ninja Touchscreen Blender is.  My mom has the old model and she was amazed at the pre-set options that my new Touchscreen Blender allows.  You can just hit the SMOOTHIE option and walk away, instead of babysitting it.  I love the suction cups on the bottom too.  The machine is so powerful that it might just jump off the counter if it wasn’t for that safety feature.

Snack:  Organic Fuji Apple

Lunch: Scrambled Organic Cage-free Eggs, Organic Baby Spinach, half of an Organic Avocado, Dollop of Organic Red Pepper Hummus.

Dinner:  Organic Chicken Breast, Hummus, Falafel, sliced cucumber, sliced carrots, sliced  celery.


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