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Pictures and Time


Is this really a pretty picture?

did I take the time

or did I click while passing by

like a poem with no rhyme

I didn’t stop to take it in

but there are feelings there

Just ones of loss and of regret

wondering why I care…


I don’t know what was going on.

the waves, they made no sound

I didn’t see the color blue

yet the picture is profound.

I wonder how the flowers smelled

if I just took a seat

to see the beauty of that place

with the sand beneath my feet.


Instead I blew right past that spot

and clicked away a shot

I said that’s one for the books

then quickly just forgot.


If that is what beauty is to me

just a click as I pass by

Then what’s the point of taking it

why did I even try?


Why do I hurry through my day

and crave the next thing coming

Why don’t I sit and give YOU thanks

for all that is becoming.

There are two heads bobbing around

with little things to say

This won’t be the case for long

for they will grow up someday.


There is so much for me to do

and I get torn so fast

I wish I could take 5 days off

to sit, breathe, and just relax

I love this life that God has given

don’t ever get me wrong

it’s just sometimes when I sing

I get the words all wrong.


I need to settle back into

my daily prayer and read

open my bible, take some notes

and look to him and plead

Please God take back my heart

and stay in your strong place

that I have placed within my soul

Please see it on my face.


If I don’t take the time to pray

and let you know my heart

I’ve lost, I’m weak and I’m not me

God give me a fresh start.

This pace needs to slow right down

to a manageable speed

I need you to remind me, Lord,

that you should be my feed.


So I’ll look for lessons everywhere

like a picture taken fast

I’ll remind myself to soak it in

and make those moments last.


Dear Lord, 

I pray for peace today.  I pray for healing.  I am not strong in you and I crave you.  Show yourself to me in really positive and strong ways.  I miss you.  I am not weak because I know I always have you.  You are my everything and I love you with my whole heart.  I am sorry for not praying as much as I should.  I am sorry for not putting you first in my life.  I pray that if there are others that feel the same way that I do that you allow healing for them as well.  Thank you for allowing me THIS DAY to be better.  For the gift of allowing me to KNOW and understand that I NEED YOU!  That in itself – is being a champion.  You are my AWESOME GOD.  Thank you for making me feel you already, and for the healing in my soul.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.48.14 AM

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 6.14.04 AM

A couple of years ago, when my husband and I went through a “rough patch”, we decided that we needed to change our lives. We started doing daily devotions in the morning as he was driving to work.  Sarah Young was the author of the daily devotional we read.  I am so thankful for that book.  I believe that those devotions saved our marriage.  It was such a special bond.  It really developed the relationship we have with God and with each other.  We don’t do them anymore and that bothers me a lot.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.29.13 AM

I just found this book by Sarah Young and I think that the topic of Peace is what my soul is craving right now.  As I am growing past the hurt, I am looking for peace to take the place of the chaos.  I miss our daily devotions and I want to get back to a place where I make that important again.  My husband and I talked about it yesterday in a really healing and gentle manner.  I am feeling encouraged and I pray that if you are going through something similar that you can find peace too!  God bless you!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.27.36 PM

Which of you can add a single hour to your life by feeling anxious.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.20.50 AM.png

oh ye of little faith…

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.21.06 AM.png

seek first the kingdom of God and his RIGHTEOUSNESS and all these things will be added unto you!



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