New Layout for SimplyMySwank Gear

I am so Swanky excited about my new layout design for Simply My Swank tanks and sweatshirts for fall.  I love this new design!  The tanks are $29 +$4.99 shipping, please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery. $59.00 + $5.99 for the sweatshirts.

Please message me at if you would like a shirt!  Please indicate your sizes, as well.  I will be placing the design order in the next couple of days, so please email me ASAP!

Tanks can be layered under all your cute fall cardigans, here is a link to some of my favorite cardigans, so you can create your own cute layering effects.

Dress your tank with your favorite jeans and belt, tuck the front and let the back hang.  A pair of earrings, loose curls, some cute booties and you are geared to go!  Fun fashion advice from Simply My Swank!

All of the previous tanks flew off my shelves! Thank you to all my supporters!

The sweatshirts are fitted, and the print is the same as the tanks!  SO CUTE!


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