Christian Mom, faith, Linewife, motivation, music, rhyme

Lineman Strong!

Boots on

Belt locked

Hooks strapped

Hard hat topped

No fear

Never was

Loves his job

All because

He was designed

By God Above

Nothing matches

Endless love


Climbs pole

Stabs sure

Arms strong

Heart pure

God’s power

All around

Mind clear

Respects the Sound


Took time

Learned right

Humble man

Had to fight

4 years

Gone so fast

Worth it all

This will last


Lineman strong

Shoulders back

This is it

Cut no slack

Leather hands

Aching arms

Smiling faces

Lineman charm


Brotherhood strong

Knows his crew

Depends on him

He does too

Commands his role

Every day

Hero flies

Buckets sway


Saving lives

Harnessing power

Fully in where

Others cower

100 feet

In the air

Eagles soar

Wind in hair

Sees the world

Where beauty lies

This is life

Lineman sighs


Blades splitting

Thinning air

Lineman hanging

With no care

Hundreds of feet

Flying past

Trusting pilot

Can this last?


Setting Poles

Rough terrains

Loving life

Never complains


Dark vaults

Poisoned air

Linemen fearlessly

Go down there

Unseen dangers

All around

Diligently working



Thank you

Brave invested ones

Thank you for

All you’ve done


Working hot

Truly brave

Sacrificial time

All to save

And provide

What we expect

In a job

We must respect


How brave you are

Crowds wave

Mighty lineman

Power to Save!

We cheer

Job well done!

Master Craftsman

Only. Just. Begun.


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