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Baby Blanket Season!

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I love to sew

it’s fun, you know

I sew for me

it’s a very

powerful part

of my genealogy

my aunt, she did

my Gramsie does too

my mom, she sews

and yup, I do!







I love to make blankets

with my two hands

they enhance cuddles

everyone understands

how cozy and comfy

it is to enjoy

a wonderful blanket

for each girl and boy


Babies love blankets

moms and dads too

I love wrapping babies

in flannel, it’s true

It’s cozy and soft

and satin just fits

They snuggle right in

They calm down lil fits


It’s comfort

It’s safety, yes, so true!

It’s holding

It’s soothing, and loving too

Blankets bring joy

They’re a wonderful gift

Hand-made joy

For little girl and boy


I’ll make a blanket

I’ll send one to you!

It’s what I love

and it’s what I’ll do.

I love to create

I love to design

I love to make blankets

It’s a passion of mine


If you want one,

two or three

If you want to blanket

a whole army?!

Let me know

I’ll send them promptly!












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