Oh Honey, Wait till you read this.

My Facial and Body Cleanser has been the thorn in my side when developing my body care line.  I have tried so many failed recipes that I started to get frustrated.  I gave it to God so many times.  Asked for His guidance and trusted that He would eventually guide me to the right solution.

After doing a lot of research online, and a lot of failed recipes, consulting God and my husband, I think I am starting to get close to the very best recipe.  God is SO good.

I knew that I wanted to have really healthy humectants in my Body Care.  Honey and Aloe are my #1 choices because they have the most balanced pH levels with our skin.  Balance is the philosophy and lifestyle of Simply My Swank.  Everything in life must be in moderation and balance.

Natural Humectants are necessary in protecting and sealing in the natural, healthy and necessary oils in our skin.  They are our awesome God-given force fields for our skin that keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.  Perfect!

The focus of protecting our skin is keeping everything in balance.  I need to Balance hormones, the acid levels and eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals were prime motivators when I designing my skin cleaner.  Our skin is the body’s largest endocrine organ.  It is super important to keep our endocrine system healthy.  Simply My Swank Body Care will assist you in achieving optimal balance.  Everyone that lives a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle will enjoy the benefits of making all of those healthy decisions!

Honey is a natural cleanser, but it is also a natural preservative. Things preserved in Honey have lasted for thousands of years!  Crazy!

The Fantastic enzymes that are in raw honey are great for our skin and will cleanse and heal broken and dry skin.  It contains natural anti-bacterial properties that will naturally  fight infection and disease causing bacteria and viruses.  Honey is an awesome addition, a powerful ingredient and a major factor in Simply My Swank Body Care line.




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